Look! It’s Marty Biron’s New Mask!

Biron's new mask (www.eyecanyair.com)

For anyone scouring to find the latest tidbit of Rangers news needn’t look any further. Backup goalie Marty Biron has graced us with the unveiling of his new mask for next season. It’s not the Heritage mask Biron wore at times last season. But, it’s a pretty cool design, paying homage to his heritage and still keeping to the traditional Rangers colors.

I’m not a huge nut when it comes to what equipment goalies wear or what the design of their helmets looks like. I just care about them stopping pucks and winning hockey games. Call me old-fashioned or boring if you will; I just care about how well the goalie plays. However, if Biron has a sub-par season this year I will absolutely blame it on the new mask.