May 21, 2012; Newark, NJ, USA; The New York Rangers celebrate a goal by left wing Ruslan Fedotenko (26) during the third period in game four of the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals against thew New Jersey Devils at the Prudential Center. The Devils defeated the Rangers 4-1. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

Did Sather Fail This Off Season

Feb. 27, 2012; New York, NY, USA; New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather at a press conference before the game against the New Jersey Devils at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE

The New York Rangers were badly out played during the playoffs last year. They couldn’t win faceoffs most of the play was in their zone and they were averaging 2 goals a game. The team at times looked like they much rather just flip the puck out of the zone then keep the puck. Something that is called playing not to lose instead of playing to win. Did they address these area’s or did they just pass them by.  I will tell you why Sather failed big time during free agency.

Mar 17, 2012; Vancouver, B.C., CANADA; Columbus Blue Jackets forward Rick Nash (61) during the third period against the Vancouver Canucks at Rogers Arena. The Vancouver Canucks won 4-3. Mandatory Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin-US PRESSWIRE

We will start with improving on the 2 goals a game. Picking up Rick Nash should help with that but will Gaborik come back and be what he was. If not then all the extra goal scoring will fall on the rookie shoulders of Chris Kreider. Which at this stage may be a little much to ask for. Otherwise the other additions don’t do much scoring wise they may have even taken a step back in their third and fourth lines. I keep Prust and Mitchel over Asham and Pyatt anytime. I give Sather an INC on this only because Shane Doan could still be added to the lineup.

We now move on to faceoffs and playing time in their zone. They definitely did not improve in this area, with Gaustad and Konopka  out on the market one of them should’ve been a Ranger. Instead you stayed with Boyle and signed Halpern who will definitely help but not much as a fourth line center. And the play in their zone comes with the system a system that will not get them a stanley cup. And no physical defense man to clear the net. Henrik got run into to many times last year as well as to many guys standing in his crease. Sather get’s an F for this area.

As long as Tortorella is the coach of the New York Rangers they will not win a stanley cup. He ask to much of players to get nothing back. And what I mean by that is you can’t ask a player to keep giving you as much as Torts ask for without breaking down. 82 games is a long season, to ask a player just to give up possession of a puck just to have the opponent rush it back down on them. To block shots like Torts wants seriously weighs on a body. How much longer can Torts expect this to happen before someone get’s hurt.

Now for Sather is he blind or does he just think 1 goal scorer can change everything. Nash is good but he’s no Hull Or Gretzky. You almost get the hint that Sather can’t get out of the 80′s. He’s gotta stop with signing fighters they are not needed. Players defend themselves these days most can take care of themselves. And he isn’t good at signing fighters either. Brashear and Rupp now Asham these were not signings they make no sense.  Sather has had a horrible off season and if Nash tanks he better be looking for a new job.

Don’t be surprised if Miller steals the third line center position and Boyle goes back down to fourth. And a guy to look for is Marek Hirivik another guy who all he does is find the net. All in all Sather has a massive failure this off season again things can change if Doan signs. And let’s not forget DelZotto does not have a contract yet.


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  • howiehockey

    Sather had a near pefect summer…this time he finally listened to me and acquires Nash for the very same players I had suggested he trade. Now I said near perfect
    Sather didn’t listen when he let UFA Scott Hannan go to the Preds (literally) for a song (no pun intended—lol). Now Slats go unto UFA land and p/u 2 players…
    Petr Sykors & Dominic Moore (great insurance). Let the new kids develop in CT.
    BTW, that duo won’t cost more than $2.2Mill, if that. Slats RU listening.

  • NYRfaninVT

    This has to be one of the worst pieces I have read about the Rangers. Are their still aspects that the Rangers need to improve on? Yes.

    But it’s this statement that just shows how out of touch you are: “As long as Tortorella is the coach of the New York Rangers they will not win a stanley cup. He ask to much of players to get nothing back.”

    If you paid attention to any of the off season signings, players like Brad Richards and Rick Nash chose to come to NY so they could play for Tortorella. If you’ve ever played team sports, you’d know that great coaches inspire their players to find a gear they did not know they have, and that is what Tortorella does.

  • UKRanger

    Couldnt disagree more. Nash was signed to resolve scoring issue, Asham, Halpern and Pyatt are all role players and Halpern will presumably be asked to take some important faceoffs as well as man the 4th line C role and PK. We have no room to sign a physical D as we expect Sauer back some time later this year, plus McIlrath is probably going to make the team in the next 2 years. I also expect Stepan to improve his play and face-off % drastically this year, the kid was not untouchable on a whim, he’s good!

  • Bo Beck

    Guys no one is disputing the Nash deal or what Nash was brought in for. He improved the teams offense with Nash only if Gaborik comes back and is the same player he has been. Last year they received some scoring from the third line now you can’t tell me it’s better then last year. I take AA, Dubi and either Feds/ Mitchel over What your throwing out there now.

    They added Pyatt who scored 8 goals your moving Boyle up to play center he’s been an enigma and who’s your other winger. First person to say Kreider knows nothing about hockey. There were other players out there that could’ve filled these roles better then an Asham and a Pyatt. Gaustad and Sykora to name two.

    NYRfaninVT played four years at Vermont was taught well by a great coach. Inspiration is not Torts forte. In fact not many of his players like playing for him. Ask Jagr why he chose PHI it was because he didn’t want to play for Torts. And yes know this because I actually did an Interview with him. Ask DelZotto and McDonaugh they will tell you they don’t like playing for him.

    UKRanger I agree on Halpern I say the same in what I write. Stepan may improve in the face off department but Richards will not Boyle will still be ok but not where you need him. And when Sauer comes back how long is he back for? He has always had injury problems which is why the Av’s gave up on him. Love him as a Dman but to injury prone.

    Howie Hannan would’ve looked real good in a blue shirt won’t disagree. Totally agree on Sykora but the Rangers do have some impressive young players coming through the system. And while at Rookie camp watching Hirivik was just something special. This kid if he keeps going forward could be the next Malkin and I stake my name on that.

    Here’s why I say Sather failed, Nash instantly helps the offense but if Gabby isn’t the same when he get’s back how much does Nash help. You turned a third line that could give you offense into a defensive third line. Took to many gambles in the draft, and went back to the Sather way of signing older players instead of using a strength in youth. Most of all why does it seem like we’re signing a fighter every year does Sather still believe this is the 80′s.

    And as long as Torts continues to play that system it will hold back your offense, NYRfaninVT do you remember what Torts said after the Rangers lost in the shootout to the Flyers in return missing the playoffs? “Well I just Figured we had the better goalie” every player finds them self on the bench except for Callahan and Boyle. These are not inspiring moves maybe to individual players but not to a team.

    Torts has no clue how to coach and is not true to himself. Rangers come flying out against Ottawa score to quick goals attacking. After the two goals he has the team sitting back. Two games against the Devils the devils went up in the first by over 2 goals. He has the team sitting back, he finally releases them one game they tie then lose the other not enough gas to get back all the way.

    If I’m a Ranger and know most feel this way first hand they want to attack 60 mins. They are grown men they know they need to get back on defense. Brad Richards ” No this is not the style Torts played in Tampa “. Wasn’t Tampa where he won a cup. I agree with Dugay Torts holds the team back they win in spite of him.

    Glad to get all of your comments it was nice hearing your opinions. Keep them coming and to let you guys know if interested the site is looking for writers.