Top 5 Rangers Rivalries Of All Time

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports


It is something that every player, coach, and fan strives for in hockey. Rivalry games. The pre-game build up, the National Anthem, warm-ups. This all adds to the intensity that rivalry games bring.

Rivalries are what make sports great. Two teams that hate each other, two fan bases that hate each other, it turns into a war. With Hockey being one of the best sports in the world rivalry games get plenty of attention. They are Nationally televised, and over one million people tune in to watch it and between 18-20,000 people pack into a frozen ice rink to watch two teams that hate each other battle it out.

The New York Rangers have played over 5,000 games since their establishment in 1926. They have had the pleasure of teams coming after them night after night. Some of those teams have turned into bloodthirsty rivalries.

Over the years, this league has seen many great games that were etched into the history books. Today, I will be featuring the top 5 rivalries in Rangers history. 

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