The List: Top 5 Nontraditional Rangers Jerseys

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Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Gee, I love lists. After breaking down the top 10 all time Rangers chosen by you the fans, I decided to go deep in Rangers history.

No, I’m not talking about the players, we already did that. It’s the “sweaters” or jerseys they wear on the ice. Sure, they have the traditional home blues and road whites, but what about those jerseys that they wear occasionally. For example, every Sunday home game or at home against an Original Six foe, they put on their navy blue “heritage” jerseys.

That special occasion during 2012, where they played at a ballpark in Philly, sure it was cold, and yes they were bundled up.  But they did look mighty fine in them. Or how about that time where they wore the statue of liberty? Are all the jerseys I mentioned in this list? Yes, of course they are. But that’s what makes this list special.

The list complied is what I thought. And I would love to hear your thoughts, your opinions on these jerseys on our various forms of social media, as well as the comment section on the blog. Is the Liberty jersey too high, low for your tastes? Let us know. Press the right arrow button, and lets enjoy a trip through memory lane.

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