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New York Rangers Lose Finals Game To Bad Officiating

The National Hockey League should be ashamed of it’s Officials

The referees in the Stanley Cup Finals may have taken the Stanley Cup right out of the hands of the New York Rangers. The officiating has been inconsistent during the entire Stanley Cup playoffs. The third Los Angeles Kings goals scored when Dwight King fell into Henrik Lundqvist. Not allowing him to move or react to the shot may have cost the New York Rangers the series. Only five times in forty-eight Stanley Cup series has a team won the cup after trailing two games to none in the first two games. The call for goaltender interference at 7:07 of the second period on Benoit Pouliot was made while the puck was nowhere near the crease. Yet a player on the Los Angeles Kings was able to impede our goaltender from reacting to a shot, on a goal scored in a finals game. The National hockey league should have been ashamed of the calls missed and officiating in general. The New York Rangers lost game two because of bad officiating. Dustin Brown may have scored the game winner in overtime but the goal Dwight King scored was given to him by the referees missing an interference call. The missed call took the game from the New York Rangers.

Henrik Lundqvist said on MSG, “I’m extremely disappointing on the call or non call. They have to be consistent with that rule. In the second they called the penalty and the puck wasn’t even there. They score a goal and I can’t even move. It’s extremely frustrating for them to get life-like that. After that it’s a different game.
 The New York Rangers had been undefeated in the playoffs when leading after two periods. Until this game two of the Stanley Cup Finals of course. That particular play changed the complexion of the game and gave the Los Angeles Kings life and a one goal game. There is no accountability for bad or biassed officiating in the National Hockey League. There is no consistency in the penalties called and not called in the league. There is too much grey area in the way goalie interference is called or not called. Why is that play not reviewable in a game as important as this one? Had the referee called it “no goal” on the count of interference, would the league have looked at it or would it still be a unreviewable play? Now the Rangers have to go back home dejected after out-playing the Los Angeles Kings in both games one and two. The New York Rangers have had the lead in ever second of this series thus far but lost both games. On the bright side the New York Rangers will be coming home where they’ve played great hockey all season long, the playoffs too.

They’ll have to win both games in New York or this series may just slip away from them. The top line of Chris Kreider, Derek Stepan, and Rick Nash did everything in this game except score. They were physical, they skated hard and had scoring chances all game long. Rick Nash can be more effective if he would just go to the net more often. Other than not scoring goals he’s been one of the best New York Ranger players shift after shift through most of these playoffs. The puck hasn’t gone in but he’s got a big goal in him.

Benoit Pouliot, Derick Brassard, and Mats Zuccarello have been wonderful all season long and the most consistent. If the top six could manage to play as consistent as they have, the New York Rangers would win four straight and take the Stanley Cup in-game six at home. The goaltender interference penalty called on Benoit Pouliot in the second period is a perfect example of the inconsistency in the way hockey games are governed. He’s doing his job and playing in the tough areas trying to ruffle Jonathan Quicks‘ feathers. The bottom line of Brian Boyle, Dominic Moore, and Derek Dorsett also played all night in the tough areas of the ice. They were their teams best possession line all game last night in-game two. They deserve to be recognized for the way they played in the offensive zone. The New York Rangers are gonna need more of the same from these bottom six players who have been unsung heroes for their team all season long by creating an element of depth to the teams possession game and in turn their offense.

Some of these Refs were officiating game twoThe National Hockey League is forth among all four major pro sports!

The only way the National Hockey League can repair its playoffs and become competitive among the other three major sports. Is by reviewing all goals in the playoffs by the review board in Toronto. The National Football League hasn’t been around half as long as the National Hockey League has but football blows hockey out of the water. Why is that exactly?

It’s because of the inconsistencies in its game like the one we saw in-game two of the league championship. The National Hockey League advertises the Stanley Cup as the hardest trophy to win in pro sports and they might be right. However, it seems clear to us here at the league wants to make these finals as easy as they can for the Los Angeles Kings. The New York Rangers have out-skated the Kings for two games now and have owned the puck for long stretches of both games. Yet find themselves down two game to none in a best of seven series.

Don’t forget to check out the possession statistics at 2014-06-07: Rangers 4 at Kings 5 (2OT) Game Advanced Stats | Extra Skater.


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  • Timothy Redinger

    You know when winners complain about bad officiating – oh wait, they don’t. Part of the game is overcoming adversity. Sure the games should be played with as little outside influence as possible, but you always have to game plan for human error.

    • BT Farley

      If that goal was called back as it should have been, the Gaborik goal is meaningless. If it even happens. That goal changed the outcome of the game. Pouliot called for a 2 min minor when puck was nowhere near the net. Yet that play is not called? The NHL needs to review every goal in the playoffs. The NFL does it on every touchdown and it does little to the length of the game. Toronto could have called that one properly and the game could very well have ended 4 or 5-2 with an Empty net goal. NHL officials are too inconsistent in calls. There’s way too much grey area for the referees to distinguish goal vs no goal. It’s the leagues fault more than the blind refs.

      • @ChrisLeonard22

        Ultimately the league IS responsible since the league trains and vets the officials. The current crop is poorly prepared to oversee the game under the current rules and protocols. You are absolutely correct that the league does nothing to help its status by allowing this mediocrity to continue.

        • BT Farley

          I totally agree and thanks for the comment by the way, but the onus falls on the NHL for leaving these officials on their own to make split second decisions on bang-bang plays. Then there’s the evening out factor. After period 1 where the refs review a bad call made and now feel inclined to even it out by favoring the other team. Hasn’t gone the NYR way but the refs are only human. Some may even be biased towards a team. How do we know?

          The fact of the matter is with all the technology we have now like hi-def and super slow motion replays. There’s no reason a play like that in the 3rd period of the finals should be left to human error. All scoring plays are reviewed in the NFL all season long. Why can’t the NHL do this for the playoffs at the very least. So what if the 10 skaters have to wait 30 seconds at center ice before the goal is confirmed.

          That 3rd goal got the Kings the momentum to score the 4th & 5th in OT. The Rangers were 10-0 when leading after 2 periods until that play and that game. All scoring plays reviewed in playoffs. That’s my stance.

  • @ChrisLeonard22

    Usually, I would agree with Tim’s stance on overcoming adversity. But THIS was an absolutely ridiculous, game-changing, call. And there was no reason for it. The protocol is in place. Wave off the goal and Toronto looks at it. If Toronto thinks it’s a good goal, so be it. And… there was an earlier goalie interference call in the same game that was not anyway near as consequential! The current crop of officials are inconsistent and have no idea how to keep control of games much less make the right calls within the current rules. Another game-changing non call occurred last night on a much lesser play, the uncalled delay of game (stupid rule but it’s on the books) that immediately preceded Brown’s winning goal in 2OT. If Rangers go on PP, Brown goal does not happen. Unfortunately, the two-referee system has not improved accuracy of calls on the ice; it has just clogged up already crowded ice. All this said, the Rangers did blow more than one two goal lead last night and blew a two goal lead in game one. Kings are playing like the superior team of destiny right now and should prevail over the Rangers in a 7 game series. But if the NHL were smart, they wouldn’t give the Kings any extra help in shortening the series. A sweep benefits no one.

  • richenuff

    No one ever complains about bad officiating when they’re winning. Article says the officiating has been inconsistent throughout the entire Stanley Cup Playoffs. Yet the Rangers made it to the finals. Were there any NY articles saying how lucky the Rangers are to be here because the officiating has been inconsistent? Or talk of goal review in the first 3 rounds? I doubt it.

    Article goes on to say: “The National Hockey League advertises the Stanley Cup as the hardest trophy to win in pro sports and they might be right. However, it seems clear to us here at the league wants to make these finals as easy as they can for the Los Angeles Kings.”

    The problem your Rangers are facing is not bad officiating, and certainly not an LA biased league that “wants to make these finals as easy as they can for the Los Angeles Kings.” That is quite a ridiculous statement and a bitter and poor excuse for your team’s current situation. The problem is you ran into a team that has become a post-season juggernaut. The Kings were down 3 – 0 against San Jose and came back to win 4 straight. Then they went down 3 -2 to Pacific Division champ Anaheim and won the next 2, before knocking off the defending Stanley Cup champion Blackhawks in OT of game 7. They are a stellar 7 – 0 in games when they faced elimination, and won game 7 of each series in the opposing team’s building.

    No reports/news stories from any of these teams’ cities blamed their shortcomings on bad officiating or claimed the league is biased towards LA winning the Cup.

    I didn’t get to see game 3, but I see the Kings defeated the Rangers in their own building with a 3 – 0 shutout. Bad officiating?

  • AJAY

    Actually when I reviewed this at home in slo mo, I can see what the ref means when he say that the goaltender was not touched until the puck was in the net.

    • BT Farley

      That is no where near being true but if it’s what you saw then more power to you. I think it was one of many lousy calls that just happened to destroy the rangers chances at a cup. They had both games 1 & 2 in the bag if not for shotty officiating. Lundqvist was not able to react to that shot with the big man Dwight King on top of him. We’re also talking about fractions of a second. Without review, how can that referee and the linesman acurately make that call? You can’t say that the ref made the right call on the ice even if you seen the replay after and the puck was in. Which it wasn’t, on a bang bang play like that you need video review in the playoffs. That goal cost the Rangers a split in LA. Game 1 was lost on a phantom goaltender interference call when the puck was nowhere near the net. Yet King gets away on that play. At the least the goal should have been watched and waived. If not a 2 min minor as well!
      Thanks for your feed back as your opinion is always welcome here. I just disagree because hindsight is 20/20.

  • T-rex

    richenuff – nailed it



    • BT Farley

      In the playoffs, I think they should review every goal. No infraction on the play and it will tke no time for Toronto to say drop the puck. The NFL reviews every scoring play. Even in the regular season. The players wait for less than a minute at the 2 yard line for the extra point for about 30 seconds. Unless the play warrants a long look. The NHL has it but they decide that isn't reviewable. It's a must in the playoffs.