Top 5 Rangers Celebrity Look-A-Likes


Who wouldn’t love to see their favorite Ranger in the next Superbad or Die Hard?

In fact, Sean Avery has some acting experience already. If you’re even a minor hockey fan you’ll love “The Rocket: The Legend of Rocket Richard“. Check it out. Do it.

But in the meantime, here’s the top 5 celebrity look-a-likes to our favorite Rangers.

5. Martin Biron and James Marsden

Backup goaltender and newbie Blueshirt Marty Biron already has a following of female fans. But is it because he’s a good looking netminder, or is it because he was Cyclops in X-Men?

James Mardsen, a pretty boy himself, has been used for quite the chick flick appeal in 27 Dresses and Enchanted. I’m sure Biron wouldn’t mind hooking up with Kathrine Heigl than taking pucks into the body.

Biron might be French-Canadian and Marsden might have been born in Oklahoma, but one would swear they’d at  least be cousins.

4. Michael Del Zotto and Andy Samberg

Michael Del Zotto is on a boat.

Sports Illustrated compared Andy Samberg to Sidney Crosby, but that was before they saw MDZ enter the league with his defensive swagger. There are better pictures out there that prove this brotherhood even more, but there is no doubt (especially with that hair) that these young turks look related.

Maybe in the course of Del Zotto’s career, we’ll see him host Saturday Night Live and do a skit with Samberg. Because lets face it, Andy is the most hilarious thing to come out of SNL since Adam Sandler. This should prove it. No? This? Still no?…. This is my final try.

I just hope MDZ doesn’t get an offer for Hot Rod 2.

3. Wade Redden and Matt Dillon

These guys have more in common than just looks. They started out with decent careers that kept getting them high paying jobs. Then they started to tank and just kept performing terribly, yet still they got paid lots of money to literally do crap. I mean did anyone see Armored? Does anyone have interest in Takers, which has the worst of the worst all together in one movie?

I’d love to say let’s put Dillon in skates, because he can’t be any worse than Redden, but it must be in the looks to genetically be horrific at life. Ha. At least Wild Things was good. Unfortunately for us though, Redden was good when he wasn’t a Ranger.

2. Chris Drury and Luke Wilson

Ironically, Drury also has a brother that was in the same profession. Chris’s older brother Ted was in the NHL for a couple years before fading out into the German Elite League. Wow, sounds a lot like Luke’s brother Owen. The fading into oblivion part, not Germany.

Scary enough, another pairing that have quite a bit in common as they, too, were big around the same time and in the past year have floundered drastically. Drury posted his worst season to date with 32 points in 77 games and Wilson has recently done a series of AT&T commercials.

Hopefully our beloved captain will turn it around. And I wouldn’t mind seeing an Old School 2.

1. Sean Avery and Sam Worthington

This one is scary good.

True story: When I saw Avatar in theaters with a group of friends, three of us asked each other “Is that Sean Avery?”

Knowing that Sean has been in a feature film before, I knew it was possible. Of course, now we know Sam Worthington is a legitimate actor getting roles out of seemingly nowhere. It was especially confusing because Sam has been a very physical, charismatic, action-packed actor. Change the word “actor” with “hockey-player” and you have yourself a Sean Avery cocktail.

This picture is perfect to show the comparison. It’s almost confusing as to which one is which. From the smile, to the hair, its crazy to think that they’re not related. But not only are they not related, but they aren’t even from the same continent. Worthington was born in England and Avery is from Ontario, Canada, which makes it highly doubtful that Sam plays hockey.

Its also not entirely unrealistic to see these two in the same movie given Sean’s acting background. But what’s even better than that? How about Sam Worthington playing Avery in a movie? New Line Cinema has commissioned for a screenplay to be written about Sean Avery’s double life of NHL star and fashion connoisseur. Now that would be something worth seeing in theaters.