Did Sather Fail This Off Season


The New York Rangers were badly out played during the playoffs last year. They couldn’t win faceoffs most of the play was in their zone and they were averaging 2 goals a game. The team at times looked like they much rather just flip the puck out of the zone then keep the puck. Something that is called playing not to lose instead of playing to win. Did they address these area’s or did they just pass them by.  I will tell you why Sather failed big time during free agency.

We will start with improving on the 2 goals a game. Picking up Rick Nash should help with that but will Gaborik come back and be what he was. If not then all the extra goal scoring will fall on the rookie shoulders of Chris Kreider. Which at this stage may be a little much to ask for. Otherwise the other additions don’t do much scoring wise they may have even taken a step back in their third and fourth lines. I keep Prust and Mitchel over Asham and Pyatt anytime. I give Sather an INC on this only because Shane Doan could still be added to the lineup.

We now move on to faceoffs and playing time in their zone. They definitely did not improve in this area, with Gaustad and Konopka  out on the market one of them should’ve been a Ranger. Instead you stayed with Boyle and signed Halpern who will definitely help but not much as a fourth line center. And the play in their zone comes with the system a system that will not get them a stanley cup. And no physical defense man to clear the net. Henrik got run into to many times last year as well as to many guys standing in his crease. Sather get’s an F for this area.  http://www.thesportsfanjournal.com/columns/the-rev/manning-the-circle-the-nhls-10-best-face-off-men/

As long as Tortorella is the coach of the New York Rangers they will not win a stanley cup. He ask to much of players to get nothing back. And what I mean by that is you can’t ask a player to keep giving you as much as Torts ask for without breaking down. 82 games is a long season, to ask a player just to give up possession of a puck just to have the opponent rush it back down on them. To block shots like Torts wants seriously weighs on a body. How much longer can Torts expect this to happen before someone get’s hurt.  http://www.rantsports.com/new-york-rangers/2012/07/09/can-the-new-york-rangers-win-the-stanley-cup-with-john-tortorella/

Now for Sather is he blind or does he just think 1 goal scorer can change everything. Nash is good but he’s no Hull Or Gretzky. You almost get the hint that Sather can’t get out of the 80’s. He’s gotta stop with signing fighters they are not needed. Players defend themselves these days most can take care of themselves. And he isn’t good at signing fighters either. Brashear and Rupp now Asham these were not signings they make no sense.  Sather has had a horrible off season and if Nash tanks he better be looking for a new job.  http://www.nyrblueshirts.com/?tag=sather

Don’t be surprised if Miller steals the third line center position and Boyle goes back down to fourth. And a guy to look for is Marek Hirivik another guy who all he does is find the net. All in all Sather has a massive failure this off season again things can change if Doan signs. And let’s not forget DelZotto does not have a contract yet. http://www.blueshirtbanter.com/2012/8/20/3254191/michael-del-zotto-contract-cba-negotiations-new-york-rangers-free-agency-nhl-rumors