Why There Are Worries For The Rangers Youth


It is safe to say not every prospect makes their club. Nor does every prospect     become what they are supposed to be. Where the Rangers youth becomes a problem is a lack of a good young goaltender and talented physical players. While they will not lack at the depth at the forward position with the trade of Erixon the defense becomes a little shaky. Names that would usually be brought up are Erixon and Mcllrath. As I just mentioned Erixon has been moved in the Rick Nash deal.  Mcllrath has not proven he can stay healthy, and Brady Skjei is no where close to ready.  http://blueshirtsunited.com/photos/1798/mcilrath-relieved-after-hit

Sauer is another name that is very important to this organization but again another player who just can’t stay healthy. There is no depth at this position at least no talented depth once you get past those three. An injury to a top four defense man could cripple the defense and all of  Torts system. The team must find a way to bring in a young talented NHL ready defense man just in case. It is a must, no doubt about it kinda thing.

Now goal tending is the weakest link in the Rangers organization. Think about this, what happens if the king get’s hurt and is forced to miss a few weeks maybe months. Do you feel confident in what is there, I sure know I don’t. And in my opinion if the rangers don’t get to or win a cup before the king’s contract runs out he will no longer be a NY Ranger. This is a position that Sather must attend to before the season starts. I know good young goaltenders don’t get traded to often but he must find a way.  http://www.hockeysfuture.com/teams/new_york_rangers/

Now the Rangers offensive prospects are not a sure thing but they are in a better position with their forwards then any other position. Yogan and Bourque did not impress at Hartford the only one who did was Marek Hrivik who finds the back of the net no matter where he goes. Then you add Thomas, Fasth, Miller and St. Croix all smallish players with skill. Can that skill translate over to the NHL. My guess is Miller and St. Croix will the others I really don’t know. Hrivik will be a 30-40 goal scorer I promise that.

Now if you look at the youth plus your line up your not going to find room for many of these kids anytime soon. Unless a Gaborik trade happens even then your top 6 is 28 and under. The Rangers have the youth to trade for what they really need it’s time for Sather to sure up the future of the defense and get a  goaltender. So far he has done an ok job but how do you not have a strong core of youth with your defense and goalie it’s what the Rangers are known for. Great trade to get Nash, love the signing of Pyatt not if he’s a third line player need more offense.  http://nymag.com/daily/sports/2012/07/rangers-have-won-the-rick-nash-derby.html

Halpern will help on faceoff’s, while the addition of Asham was stupid if your keeping Rupp. Ranger fans will love Sather forever if he can keep the king long term, but if the king get’s hurt and your left with what you got Sather’s head will roll. The Rangers have a promising future if all goes right but if 1 or 2 things go wrong it can all go downhill.