New York Rangers: Who we want taken in the Expansion Draft

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John Cavanagh

Oscar Lindberg-Michael Grabner-Jesper Fast-Trade with Las Vegas to take a specific player-Antti Raanta

The expansion draft will leave many talented players exposed, but the Rangers could make a trade to avoid that from happening. There are many possibilities that could happen, but some are more favorable than others.

Oscar Lindberg had a good season, and better playoff. He seemed to thrive in his role as a fourth line center. However, he’s very replaceable.

Lindberg will turn 26 this coming season, so he’s not a great prospect on the rise. The Rangers could easily fill his spot in free agency.

Why would I value keeping Jesper Fast over Michael Grabner? Sure, Grabner had 27 goals in an unexpected season for the Rangers, but he has a tendency to be streaky.

Grabner has also had problems staying healthy in his career. Last season was a dream season for Grabner, and he likely won’t repeat it.

Fast is consistent, contributes in all areas of the game, and can be effective anywhere in the lineup. He’s one of those players you won’t miss until they’re gone.

Bribing Las Vegas to take on a player the Rangers don’t want is an attractive option. It would allow the Rangers to keep their roster intact, and rid of a contract they don’t want.

However, this would likely involve the Rangers giving up a first round pick. This year is the first time the Rangers will be picking in the first round in 2012, and it should stay that way.

Adding a first round talent to a weak prospect pool should be of high priority.

Finally, Antti Raanta is the player I want least to be selected by Las Vegas. It’s imperative the Rangers hold on to a great goaltender who’s just 28 years old.

With Lundqvist declining at 35 years old, Raanta is an ideal fall back option when Lundqvist is struggling.