New York Rangers: Ranking the NHL’s top ten goaltenders

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NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 22: Henrik Lundqvist

The NHL Network recently ranked the top 10 best goaltenders in the NHL today. so we figured we should also rank our top 10 using everything available to us.

In a league that boasts so much skill in the crease, it can become almost impossible to rank the best in the world of goaltending accurately.

However, using advanced stats, a more definitive list was created. While there are arguments to make about all of the following 10 goalies, one thing is for sure; this is the most accurate list we could make.

From players like Carey Price to Anders Lindback, each goalie possesses a unique skill set that sets them apart from their counterparts. The advanced stats used to sort the top ten made it very clear in showing who was more dominant in net.

The following list uses statistics from Dispelling Voodoo. The stats that are used in this article are broken down in order to more easily understand how this would play a role in a 60-minute game. Now without further ado, here is our ranking of the NHL’s top 10 goaltenders…

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