New York Rangers: Five questions going into next season

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(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The New York Rangers had an explosive trade deadline, shipping some of its finest players off to places like Boston, New Jersey, and Tampa Bay.

When the New York Rangers announced the rebuild, the biggest question was how much would be offloaded, who would go, and who would stay.

Now with the initial moves made. there is still more to do. With the skates to the grindstone–or the ice in this instance–the Rangers look to move into next season with a new plan and team on the ice. This will mean some big names leaving the Rangers and some interesting names coming into the fold.

There will be some serious discussion points for the Rangers’ front office as well as the players. The rest of the season could be very important in their evaluation of their roster. The team’s lineup is missing many pieces it had just two weeks ago, so there already is a lack of chemistry in the room.

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