The New York Rangers have their own Age of Aquarius

NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 29: Ryan Lindgren #55 and Adam Fox #23 of the New York Rangers celebrate after defeating the Tampa Bay Lightning 4-1 at Madison Square Garden on October 29, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Jared Silber/NHLI via Getty Images)

It’s the Age of Aquarius for the New  York Rangers. In a remarkable coincidence, seven New York Rangers will have birthdays within a 14 day stretch in February.

Break out of the candles and the birthday cakes.  Seven New York Rangers will celebrate their birthdays under the zodiac sign of Aquarius in February.  Not only that, but three of them will turn the ripe old age of 22.

Libor Hajek leads the way, turning 22 on February 4th.  Two days later it is Vinni Lettieri‘s turn as he turns 25.  On February 8th, the senior citizen of the group, Brendan Smith, turns 31.

Alexandar Georgiev turns 24 on February 10th and Ryan Lindgren turns 22 on the 11th.  They have to celebrate on the road in Winnipeg.

Kaapo Kakko remains the only teenager in the group as he turns 19 on February 13, still two years away from being able to buy a beer.

The last of the Aquarians is Adam Fox.   He also the third of the group who will turn 22 as he reaches that age on February 17.

According to here are the characteristics of Aquarians , born from January 20 through  February18 (with some observations about how it fits the Blueshirts):

  1. Aquarians have a strong and independent personality that encourages them to rebel against conventional and restrictive attitudes. (perfect for an NHL defenseman like Adam Fox)
  2. They are bright and restless and have an open character. (Fits Vinni Lettieri and his shoot first style)
  3. Idealists and innovators, they always have an original point of view.  (Let’s hope Kaapo Kakko uses this when making passes in the offensive zone).
  4. Fascinated by the idea of a global village, Aquarius finds it difficult to adopt a single point of view.
  5. When they feel restricted, they rebel immediately. (Alexandar Georgiev anyone?)
  6. They hate to fall into routine. When that inevitably happens, they make sure to mark out a radical and exciting change in their lives. (surely applies to Kakko and Fox)
  7. They are passionate about technological advances, and often rush to acquire the latest gadgets. (We hear that Kakko has been experimenting with the Lacrosse shot).
  8. Aquarians are very persuasive and somewhat (ironically) inflexible in their opinions. (sound like Libor Hajek and Ryan Lindgren defending the Ranger goal)
  9. They tend to be pacifists and reject all forms of violence (definitely doesn’t  apply to Lindgren or Brendan Smith)

Sounds like a few of the Blueshirts, doesn’t it?   And it’s pretty amazing that the Rangers have a defensive pairing that will turn 22 within seven days of each other in Adam Fox and Ryan Lindgren.

Famous Aquarians

Actually , when it comes to sports, some of the greatest athletes in their individual sports were all born under the sign of Aquarius.

It has to be a great omen that the greatest hockey player of all time, Wayne Gretzky, is an Aquarius.

Football features Lawrence  Taylor while basketball players Michael Jordan, Bill Russell and Dr. J Julius Erving all share the sign.

Baseball leads the list with Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron and Jackie Robinson all born Aquarians.

The near misses on the Rangers who ended up Pisces include Jacob Trouba, born on February 26 and Henrik Lundqvist who will turn 38 on March 2.

Happy birthday to all!