The New York Rangers have entered the ‘Tinkering’ stage

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New York rangers

John Davidson and Jeff Gorton of the New York Rangers (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The New York Rangers rebuild is over, and they’ve moved past the build stage.

Several months ago I wrote an article about whether or not David Quinn is actually  the right  developmental coach for the New York Rangers. That’s a lifetime ago now, and that question isn’t the most important one anymore about Quinn. Now it’s, “Can David Quinn win a Cup?”

Because the Rangers are done with their rebuild. In a press conference after the Chris Kreider signing, John Davidson said they’re in more of a “build,” but that isn’t accurate, either. No, the Rangers are actually in the “tinkering” mode to find the formula to win the Cup, and here’s why.

The Play-In started it

Once it was announced the New York Rangers were a part of the NHL’s Return to Play plan, it cemented the team ending the “rebuild” phase. Because this is New York, and while New York sports fans are smart, they’re not known for their patience. (In fact, I’m not sure all fans were truly committed to a lengthy rebuild, but that’s another conversation.)

If the New York Rangers beat the Carolina Hurricanes, they can be a sleeper team to make noise in this expect-the-unexpected postseason. If they lose, expectations will still be raised for next year.

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