Rangers vs Hurricanes Game 2: Join the live conversation

The New York Rangers are in a must-win situation today.  Can they do it?

With the New York Rangers facing off against the Carolina Hurricanes in Game Two of their Stanley Cup Qualifier, they have no excuses.  There is no home crowd to spur the Hurricanes.  They’ve lost Jesper Fast, but the Canes are playing without their top two defensemen.  There are no more playoff rookies on the team, they’ve had their taste.  It’s time to put up or shut up.

You can join your fellow Blueshirts fans and talk about the game on this live thread.  We had a lively conversation on Saturday and since none of us can be at the game and viewing parties are a pandemic no-no, a live thread is the way to go.

The live conversation

Blue Line Station has been hosting these chats beginning this season, a live thread where fans can comment on the games and engage with other Blueshirts faithful.  There are hundreds of comments posted and some fascinating interaction.  Here’s what you need to know.

About using the live conversation

First, let us say that the live chat feature is a little unwieldy and a  different experience depending on your format, mobile device or desktop.  Our parent company switched our comments feature to a new format and it’s not great.  We are working to restore functionality the way we had it before.  We guarantee that it’ll be back by the time the Rangers are in the Conference Finals (yeah, we know, we’re optimistic).

Unlike the old system, you are not notified when there are new posts (in the comments area itself).  You will get an email if you get a response to one of  your posts.   Without an auto refresh feature, we figured out one way to keep track of new posts.

Under the “Search” box there is a “Sort by Latest” tab with a down arrow.   Click on the down arrow and click on “Latest” and it will refresh the list.  On a PC you can go through all of the comments, but there is some issue with that functionality on mobile devices.

You can also click on “Most Replied” if you want to get to threads that have a lot of chatter.

We would also recommend reloading the site occasionally, best during commercial.  We are keeping the text in this post short, so if you have to reload, you won’t have to wade through a ton of copy.

Also, you may find a comment “under moderation.”  We have no idea what triggers that…another bug we are working on.

Sorry about the issues, but we are working with FanSided to resolve them so that live in-game threads will be more user-friendly.

Please join in!