Best fan-reactions to the Rangers accquiring Patrick Kane


On February 28th, the long wait ended, and it was announced showtime was officially coming to broadway. The New York Rangers’ acquisition of three-time Stanley Cup champion Patrick Kane from the Chicago Blackhawks had fans salivating about what they hope will be a prosperous Spring culminating in the team snapping the organization’s 29-year Cup-less drought.

So to celebrate the transaction and as a tip of the helmet to the fine readers who thoroughly enjoyed the Vladimir Tarasenko reaction read, I’ve compiled my favorite Blue Line Station comments in response to the deal. I will post them below with an answer to each one. Suppose you made a list for the first time, or yet again, congratulations on the shoutout.

Don’t be discouraged or offended if you didn’t, because should this post gain traction, there’s a chance of a mention in another edition coming soon.

Comment: “Sad to say, but I’m skeptical about this trade. Yes, we gave up all most nothing to get Kane, but this is an old player with a hip problem. Is this the messiah or the last piece of the puzzle that’s going to get us the cup?”- Glenduchi

A: While we won’t know if Kane will be the missing piece until this Spring, what we should do Is give props to Rangers GM Chris Druy for acquiring Kane at 25% retained and Vladimir Tarasenko at 50% retained as rentals without giving up an outright first-round pick, making this a low-risk high-reward situation.
Management has done its job, and it’s now on the players to execute.

Comment: “I thought the trade might also include a genuinely defensive defenceman to show up the weakness we have seen for some time, but that is not the case.
Drury has done very well in building the offense, and I hope it pays off this season.
However, I will not predict a Cup win until I see the next 20 games, where hopefully, the team looks like a winner.
Meanwhile, it will be entertaining” –Fast Eddie.

A: Druy did acquire Nikko Mikkola along with Tarasenko in the deal with the ST Louis Blues, and the Rangers have missed Ryan Lindgren for the past ten games. Though, as you said, Eddie, this team must win it all to be remembered.

Comment: “If given a choice, I’d rather have Igor circa 2022 than Igor 2023, Kane, and Tarasenko. Igor’s the key. He has to play up to his standard and stay healthy. I have said this since the start of the season.
I do thank Chris Drury for making these moves, though. I’ve been a fan for nearly 60 years. My father was my age the last time the Rangers won a Cup. I think it’s going to happen. I do.-“Snake

A: Me to Snake, and your point, but Igor has looked like his 2022 self these last few outings. Why can’t we have it all when it’s right in front of us?

Comment: “We’re reaching a point where we can’t keep giving away picks. Some restocking needs to happen.
For now, though, the prospect of rolling the kid line and lines 1A and 1B, plus Goodrow, Motte, and Vesey on the 4th? That’s pretty exciting.
The East is going to be tough, though. Hoping Toronto, the B’s, and Tampa beat the stuffing out of each other.”- RGSRBGolfing

A: Indeed, Chris Druy needs to restock the farm and the draft cabinet, something he’s going to do anyways if the Wolfpack fails the organizational goal of qualifying for the 2023 Calder Cup playoffs. Conversely, you acquire those picks while rebuilding, so you can make blockbuster deals like they’ve done this year.

The East will be a gauntlet to go through, but it will make for great entertainment and prepare the winner for the Stanley Cup Final against whoever comes out of the Western Conference.

Comment: “So much fun watching Kane in NY. I even wake up now and say, “Oh great. A Ranger’s game is on tonight!” LGR!” – Venom Truth
Same here, Venom Truth. Enjoy the ride while it lasts, and as Sam Rosen says, “Hopefully, it’ll last a lifetime.”