Three Coaches That Could Replace Gerard Gallant for the Rangers

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Gerard Gallant is looking for a new job after the New York Rangers announced that they have parted ways with the Summerville, Prince Edward Island native. He’s going to be replaced by the Blueshirts and the Rangers now need to find someone else to guide this group. After back-to-back 100-point seasons, the front office wants a new voice for these players.

With the disappearance of some of the top-end talent on the roster in that do-or-die game seven against the New Jersey Devils, there is a theory that this team wants someone who is going to hold them more accountable and be firmer on this roster. Whether that is an old-school coach or just someone with such a pedigree, the players know what they’re doing, it’s going to be the decision of the front office.

Something to note is that general managers only typically get one coaching change to try and find success before they are thrown into the fire themselves. This will be Drury’s turn to try to find someone that can get the best out of this group. Think of what Jim Montgomery did with the Boston Bruins. That’s the kind of thing a new voice can bring. Just freshen up the room with someone that can put the team in a position to succeed.

When we talk about what kind of coach is best for this Blueshirts team, there are split opinions. Is it better for this team to have a young coach that understands that this isn’t an easy sport to play or is it better to go for someone with a Stanley Cup pedigree who can help this team understand what it takes to win because they have done it before? It’s a question that I have seen a lot of as I have done my research on this.