Unlocking Science on Ice: Kayla McAvoy Joins New York Rangers as Assistant Sports Scientist

From Slapshots to Science: Meet Kayla McAvoy, Rangers’ New Assistant Sports Scientist. Get ready to explore the fusion of hockey and science on the ice with this dynamic addition.

Yes, Hockey is a science, and the New York Rangers have embraced it. They’ve brought in Kayla McAvoy as a full-time Assistant Sports Scientist.  They figured it was time to add a little scientific flair to all those slapshots and hat tricks!

You know what they say: hard work pays off, and Kayla’s living proof. She’s gone from being the temp associate in the strength and conditioning department to proudly wearing the badge of a full-time team member.  That’s like going from being the benchwarmer to the MVP in just a few seasons. Talk about an upgrade!

Kayla McAvoy Joins Rangers as Assistant Sports Scientist:

However, let’s not forget where this hockey-loving brainiac came from. Kayla started her journey at Queens College, where she probably studied the art of turning athletes into superhumans.

Then, she dipped her toes into the world of internships with Prentiss Hockey Performance. Imagine being the intern responsible for ensuring athletes don’t skip leg day – that’s Kayla’s superpower!

Oh, and here’s a fun twist to the story – she’s got a sibling in the big leagues, too. Her brother is Charlie McAvoy, the defensive dynamo of the Boston Bruins. It’s an exciting sibling rivalry playing out on two major hockey stages:  Kayla making sure the Rangers are at the top of their game while Charlie does his thing in Boston. Family gatherings must include advice on workouts, hydration, and other strategies to outskate opponents.

So, keep your eyes on the ice because the Rangers might become the most scientifically advanced team with Kayla McAvoy in the mix. Who needs luck when you’ve got sports science on your side, right?