Rangers’ Meet and Greet Event Marred by Early Departures


Discover what happened at the New York Rangers’ Meet & Greet event as players left early, leaving fans frustrated and disappointed.

In a surprising turn of events, Tuesday’s New York Rangers Meet & Greet at the Javits Center left fans stunned and frustrated as some of their favorite players abruptly departed.

The event was scheduled from 5 to 8 p.m. for season ticket holders.

However, at 6:55 p.m.,  Artemi Panarin, Zac Jones, Kaapo Kakko, K’Andre Miller, and Will Cuylle quickly exited. You can probably guess what happened next – fans were not thrilled about it.

Unexpected Departure: Rangers’ Meet and Greet Dilemma:

One fan, @Flippychytil, on Twitter, expressed their frustration, saying, “lol the meet n greet just cut massive lines off because the players ‘have to depart.’ Advertising 5–8 p.m.?! Embarrassing @NYRangers. I paid $40 to park just to be sent home.”

Another fan, @nysports_10, shared their disappointment, mentioning that kids were crying and everyone was pretty upset. They also had a less-than-enthusiastic opinion about the organization’s handling of the situation.

“Absolute shameful of Panarin, Jones, Kakko, Miller, and Cuylle to leave early from a season ticket holder event littered with kids waiting for photo ops and signatures. Absolute disgraceful”, said @Jkay91, who waited an hour for one and didn’t receive his opportunity.

“They even told us to get food, so we did that,” said @ryanlindgren_55. “Then they said lines close at 6:15.”

Yet there’s hope! @bobbybigabite_s had a suggestion –how about hooking these fans up with some tickets or something to make amends, Rangers? That might be the way to make things right.

One would assume there’s a valid reason why the players left. There has to be.

That said, until we know the answer. It’s not a great look.

Fans invest their time, money, and enthusiasm into these events, and the players’ early departure is a letdown. They deserve better.