Pen’s Picks November 2023

New York Rangers(Photo by Derek Cain/Getty Images)
New York Rangers(Photo by Derek Cain/Getty Images) /

The NHL schedule maker must be a Rangers fan because 6 of their first nine games in October were against Non-Playoffs teams from last year.  The Rangers’ first four games were also against Non-Playoff Teams.  This allowed the Blueshirts to get their game in order, learn how the new system works, and gain team momentum.

And the Boys did just that.  October was a sweet month for NYR, as they ended the month going 7-2-0.  Did I mention they went on a 5-game road trip and won them all?

Swept them.

I was so excited to get this season going, so way to go, boys, keep it up.

I like to think I know enough about hockey to predict the winners and losers (just for fun of course).  That said, this is what I call Pen’s Picks.  It’s where I look at the upcoming New York Rangers Schedule for the Month and predict the outcomes of all the games.  The tough part is predicting who wins so far in advance, especially with injuries that happen later in the month.  However, I’m up for the challenge.

Full disclosure, I have not seen most of these teams play this year…lol.  I am basing my picks on last years head to head record, lineup upgrades, and current record standings.

light. Trending. New York Rangers Practice Patience

Here is the New York Rangers upcoming schedule for the Month of November.

1.     Nov 02. Vs Canes

2.     Nov 04. @ Minny

3.     Nov 07. Vs Detroit

4.     Nov 09. Vs Minny

5.     Nov 12. Vs CBJ

6.     Nov 18. @ NJ

7.     Nov 20. @ Dallas

8.     Nov 22. @ Pitts

9.     Nov 24. @ Phila

10.  Nov 25. Vs Boston

11.  Nov 27. Vs Buffalo

12.  Nov 29. Vs Detroit

Here are my Pen’s Picks for November 2023.

Nov 02. Vs. Canes

Last year, the Rangers beat the Canes 5-3 in January 2023, then beat them again in February, 6-2.  The Rangers lost to the Canes 3-2 on March 21, then won 2-1 on March 23.2023.

The Canes re-jigged their lineup at the Trade Deadline last year and they re-loaded in the offseason, for a run at it all, this year.  They are in their prime and ready to shine.

The Rangers are coming off of their most successful road trip (5-games in 10-days).  NYR won All Five Games on the Road, which is Awesome.  This also leads me to believe, the boys will be a little tired and flat for this one.

Pen’s Pick: Canes

New York Rangers (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
New York Rangers (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

Nov 04. @ Minny

Last year, the Rangers beat up the Wild 7-3 in October, and again in a 4-3 Shoot Out win, in January 2023.

I am not really sure what the identity of the Wild really is?  When I look at their line-up, all I can say out loud is…MEH.

The Rangers will be looking to continue their good vibrations and should come out ready to win this one.

Pen’s Pick: New York Rangers

Nov 07. Vs Detroit

Last year, the Rangers lost in 3-2 in OT, to the Red Wings on Nov 06th, then pumped ‘em 8-2, four days later on Nov 10.2023.

GM Yzerman has these guys playing the game the right way, folks.  They have been getting better every year since Yzerman took over in 2019.  Remember, Yzerman created the Tampa Bay Lightning Dynasty in 9 years.

I think the Rangers trip and fall on this one.  I think NYR will take them too lightly.  They are better than you think.

Pen’s Pick: Detroit

New York Rangers (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
New York Rangers (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

Nov 09. Vs. Minny

See Above Nov 04.2023.  My thoughts remain the same five days later.

Pen’s Pick: New York Rangers

Nov 12. Vs. CBJ

Last year, the Rangers lost 5-1 in October.  Then the Rangers beat them 3-1, in January of 2023 and then cleaned their clock, 6-2 in March.  On April 8, The Rangers made a statement with a 4-0 win.

The Blue Jackets are trying to re-make their lineup.  They are in year 2 or 3 of a re-build (depending on when you start counting).  I think they have some nice pieces of the puzzle.  They just are not there yet.  They have lots of Free Agents coming up at the end of this year, which means either lots of Free Agent Money is available, or they are happy to re-sign who they like.

Either way, I like New York in this one.  Period.

Pen’s Pick: New York Rangers

Nov 18. @ NJ

Last year, the Rangers lost 5-3 to the Devils in November.  NYR won in December, 4-3 in OT.  In January 2023, the Devils won 4-3 in OT.  The Devils loaded up at the trade deadline and won again by a score of 2-1 in March.  Oh yeah, New Jersey also sent the Rangers golfing early last year, with a win in Game 7, of Round 1, in the NHL Playoffs.

The Devils are young and fast.  I think the Rangers can hang with them.  I feel this one, specifically, will go to NJ.  But have faith, all y’all, we are playing better Team D this year, and we need to beat them in April and May 2024.

Pen’s Pick: Devils

New York Rangers (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
New York Rangers (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

Nov 20. @ Dallas

Last year, the Rangers beat Dallas 6-3 in October.  Then they beat them again 2-1 in OT in January.

Dallas plays a heavy, tight-checking style of game.  They also have one of the best goalies in the game.  They focus on Team D.  And understand this, folks, Matt Duchene and Tyler Seguin are on the Third Line…!!!  They have team depth.

I am taking Dallas in this one, but it is more due to the schedule and timing.  I do think the Rangers are the better team.

Pen’s Pick: Dallas

New York Rangers (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
New York Rangers (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

Nov 22. @ Pitts

Last year, the Rangers lost to the Penguins 3-2 in December.  Then NYR lost again 3-2, this time in OT in March.  Four Days later, the Rangers popped out a 4-2 win, and two days after that, NYR laid a little smackdown on the Pens, winning 6-0, in a statement game.

The Penguins could have rebuilt it by now.  Ouch.  No Goalie. No D.  No Heart.  No Desire.

The Rangers are a Cup Contender.  The Penguins used to be.

Pen’s Pick: New York Rangers

Nov 24. @ Phila

Last year, the Rangers won 1-0 in OT in November.  The Rangers then won 6-3 in December.  The Rangers won again, 3-2 in OT, on March 1st.

The Flyers are in rebuild mode.  They are not there yet.  NYR is.

Pen’s Pick: New York Rangers

Nov 25. Vs. Boston

Last year, the Rangers lost 5-2 to the Bruins in November.  They also lost 3-1 to the B’s in January 2023.  The Rangers then lost again, 4-2 in March.

The Bruins were on cruise control, owning the entire NHL Regular Season last year.  But then, they entered the Playoffs and lost in Round 1; ouch, that has to hurt.

The Bruins were supposed to fall back down to earth this year.  However, they are an incredible 9-0-1 at the time of this article.

This one is so tough to pick, being that it is so far out in the future with so many trends yet to unfold.

Pen’s Pick: Boston

New York Rangers (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
New York Rangers (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

Nov 27. Vs. Buffalo

Last year, the Rangers won 2-1 in OT in March 2023.  Then they lost 3-2 in OT at the end of March.  NYR fell again to the Sabres 3-2 in a Shoot Out in April.

The Sabres are trying to get back into contention; I’ll give them that.  I’m just not seeing it as yet.

NYR in this one.  Too Good.  Too Strong.  Too Deep.

Pen’s Pick: New York Rangers

Nov 29. Vs Detroit

See above – Nov 07.2023 mp write-up.

However, this time, NYR will be ready for the Winged Wheel and get the W.

Pen’s Pick: New York Rangers

New York Rangers Record as of November 03.2023

8-2-0 = 16pts

1st – in the Metropolitan Division

2nd – in the Eastern Conference

3rd – Overall in NHL

My View from the Cheap Seats

Section: TV     Row: PVR     Seat: The Couch

The hard part of Pen’s Picks is trying to predict the outcome of these games so far in advance.  There is no doubt, that I would pick differently had I known certain players were injured and were not in the Lineup.

Pens Picks: November 2023

7 Wins

5 Losses

Pens Picks: October 2023

6 Wins

3 Losses

(Actual NYR Record 7-2-0)

Fun Fact

Last year, I focused my Pen’s Pick on the Pittsburgh Penguins.

I predicted the Penguins would be 52-30 Overall.

They actually ended up 40-31-11 (so 40-42 overall)

So last year, I predicted the Penguins would be 52-30 over the entire 82-game schedule and make the Playoffs.  They actually ended up 40-31-11 and missed the playoffs for the first time in 16 years, by one point.

If they had won all those overtime games, they would have ended up with a record of 51-31 (so I’m only off by one game, and take note, they would have made the playoffs).  If only they could hold on to a lead, eh!

Quote of the Day:

“It infuriates me to be wrong when I know I’m right. “

Moliere – Actor / Playwright