The New York Rangers Win When They Do This

New York Rangers(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
New York Rangers(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

As the New York Rangers return from a 5-day break in their schedule, they still find themselves in First Place in the Metropolitan Division.  Oh, I love to look at the standings these days, that is for sure.

New York Rangers Record as of November 17.2023


1st – in the Metropolitan Division

2nd – in Eastern Conference

4th -Tied Overall in NHL

As the Rangers gear up for game #15 tomorrow night against the Devils, I thought we should have a look at the past 11 wins and see what the key indicators are, when the Rangers Win.

So, let’s have a look at the Magic Formula for creating a New York Ranger Win.

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NYR Out Shoot their opposition

The Rangers average 28.55 shots per game, when they win.

Only 4 times they did not outshoot their opponent, but still won the game.

Captain Obvious:

The more pucks to net, the better chance of scoring a goal.  It also allows for tip ins, rebounds  and goal mouth scrambles to occur.

NYR Out Hit their opposition

The Rangers average 17.82 hits, when they win.

They were out hit by their opponent in only 4 games, but still won the game.

Captain Obvious:

Using the body to get the puck from the opposition, is the main objective of hitting an opponent.  Slowing down the opposition would be another purpose.  Sending a message of toughness, and intimidation, “we won’t be pushed around”, would be another reason to crash into someone.

Finish your check and always put a body into someone.  It wears people down and over the course of a game, hits will eventually cause a mental breakdown, like a turnover, which will lead to a scoring chance.

NYR won more Faceoffs than their opposition

The Rangers have an average of 54.53% in Faceoff Win %, when they win.

Captain Obvious:

This means that the Rangers Win the Faceoff, gain instant puck possession, and they are not chasing the game from the drop of the puck.  Keep in mind, it’s the Wingers job to get the puck when the center ties up his man. This is a huge part of winning puck possession from a faceoff.

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NYR Block the Opposition Shots

The Rangers average 17.45 blocked shots, in the games they win.

Their opponent blocked more shots than them in only one game, yet NYR still won the game.

Captain Obvious:

The more We Block Shots, the Less Chance there is for the opposition to score.

It appears the entire Rangers lineup is committed to Team D, and we all know that blocking shots will definitely help out in Goalie Save% as well as Goals Against Average, resulting in Wins.

NYR get their Shots Blocked

The Rangers averaged 12.36 of their shots being blocked, when the Rangers win.

Captain Obvious:

Every team is now trying to have all players block shots.  I suppose Torts was ahead of his time…lol.  I agree, you need to be smart when you shoot and of course look for the open man, however, I also believe that more shots in general will have a chance to hit the net, or at least cause pain for the shot blocker.  At some point the mind takes over from the body and wants to avoid pain.

NYR rarely Turnover the puck

The Rangers Turn The Puck Over 5.82 times per game, when they win.

Captain Obvious:

If the Rangers have the puck, then the opposition can’t score.  The Rangers are much more of a puck possession style team this year.  They have players who are skilled, have gifted hands and can handle the puck.  What that means is they can make at least 3-consecutive passes to players on the fly, which results in a scoring chance.

NYR cause their Opposition to Turnover the puck

The Rangers cause the opposition to Turn Over the puck 5.82 times per game, when the Rangers win.

Captain Obvious:

The team that wins the Turnover Battle, usually wins the game.

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NYR Score Goals

The Rangers average 3.55 goals, when they win.

Captain Obvious:

Just score more goals than your opponent and you win.  This game is so easy…not.

NYR Don’t Allow Goals

The Rangers hold their opposition to 1.55 goals , when they win.

Captain Obvious:

They can’t win if they don’t score on you.  The Rangers know that Defense Wins Championships.  Team D also tightens up in the NHL Playoffs.  So, learn to play tight D now, then when April rolls around, you already know how to win those tight 1-goal games.  The Rangers are doing that, and are being rewarded, which is good to see.

NYR Limit Their Penalties

The Rangers average 10.91 minutes in penalties when they win.

Captain Obvious:

Stay out of the sin bin boys.  It is really tough to score when you are down a man.  Giving the opposition multiple extra man advantage chances, is a recipe for disaster.

NYR Score on the Power Play

The Rangers average 27% on the Power Play, when they win.

Captain Obvious:

If you can have your Power Play score a Goal-A-Game, you are more likely to win in general.  The NYR Power Play has scored in 8 of the 11 games, in which they have won so far.

My View from the Cheap Seats

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English philosopher, Sir Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge is Power”.

Now, based on my scouting report, We All Know what the “Magic Formula” is for the New York Rangers to Win.

Let’s see if they use the Power of this Knowledge to replicate some more W’s from here on.

Quote of the Day:

“Knowledge is Power but useless if not applied”.

Marc Penner