New York Rangers Fans Ya Need to Calm Down

NYR Fans are losing it watching the Annual New York Ranger Slump.
San Jose Sharks v New York Rangers
San Jose Sharks v New York Rangers / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The New York Rangers are struggling in the Month of January. There, I said It. Is this the Rangers Annual Swoon? Yup. We can all see the Blueshirts are not playing to the level they did, earlier in the season. Something is wrong in Gotham. The huge First Place lead that once was, is now a mere 4-point lead over Phila, and now the rest of the pack can smell blood. NYR Fans are getting nervous and looking to place blame. I can hear them screaming from up here in the Great White North, “Shake up the lines, Make a Trade, Bench some players…do something to right this ship.” Ahhhh.

The Chirpin’ sounds like this…
The New York Rangers are 3-6 over their last 9 games, as of January 23.2024. Ouch.
The Blueshirts are turning the puck over at an alarming rate each game. Not Good.
NYR overall Team D is playing way to “loose” right now. Can’t Win Like This.
The Opposition’s Team Speed is beating us night in and night out. I know how to fix this.

All that Tweeting and Yelling on the Internet. And I’m just like…oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh…You Need to Calm Down….You're Being to Loud. (Taylor Swift is also chimin’ in here.)

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Peeps be saying that…
The New York Rangers Offense is Panarin or bust. Others need to contribute now.
The Blueshirts Special Teams “Ain’t So Special” of late. More Energy, More Passion, More Footwork.
NYR G-Man Shesterkin has a weak glove hand due to injury or fundamentals. It’s all about focus.
The Opposition is getting the lucky bounces…Night in and night out? Hmmm..doubt it.

People are taking Pot Shots as well as Parting Shots about certain players on the team. And I’m just like…oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh,…You Need to Calm Down. Maybe Just Stop. (Taylor Swift is also chimin’ in here.)

Others be thinking this…
The New York Rangers 5 vs 5 play is terrible. Commit to Playing the Right Way Boys.
The Blueshirts Level of Intensity is not the same as it was early in the season. Level Up Now.
NYR is showing they Lack of Overall Team Depth. I am actually surprised with this.
The NHL Trade Deadline is fast approaching, ”Trade ‘em All”…Some ya, not all.

You’re Stressin’ and Obessin’ about somebody else is not healthy. And I’m just like…oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh…You Need to Calm Down. Maybe Just Not. (Taylor Swift is also chimin’ in here.)

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New York Rangers Record as of January 23.2024
29-15-2= 60
1st - in the Metropolitan Division
2nd -Tied - in Eastern Conference
5th -Tied - Overall in NHL

I love the Passion that NYR fans have and bring to the games. Look up - check the stats, It’s January 23.2024 and I’m smiling. Let’s Go Rangers.
Why are you so mad? When you could be glad.
It’s ok to be Proud, Don’t be Part of THAT crowd.
(Taylor Swift is still chimin’ in here.)

My View from the Cheap Seats
Section: TV Row: PVR Seat: The Couch
The New York Rangers overachieved up until Christmas. Now it is becoming very hard to live up to those high expectations, night in and night out. This team cannot play with this level of intensity and expect to be more than a .500 team from here on out. Other players need to step up and contribute. It’s Time to Level Up Boys.

The Blueshirts have a solid core group. They have good Centermen and players who can control the puck as well as control the overall pace of play. They need to get back to a Patience, Puck-Possession style of game. Watch film from October…and play like that again.

NYR has two good to very good goalies. Quick is doing everything he can. Shesterkin needs to step it up a notch. We have come to expect only great goaltending from #31, so when he falters in the slightest, it is noticeable. Get back to doing the things that got you here and Challenge the Shooters. It would be nice if the Defense could tighten things up in their own zone.

Don’t throw shade on the NYR Shield folks. They will re-group, re-focus and re-establish their game after the All-Star Break. NYR Level 4 Intensity is approaching, get ready. They got this. Remember the coolest trophy in all of sports is also the hardest trophy to win.

January 24.2024 is Bell Let’s Talk – Mental Health Awareness Day. Please reach out to someone you love, and just say hello. Today is also about you and your mind. So, you need to Calm Down, Rest your Mind and Relax your Body. No Quit NY.

Quote of the Day:
“Health is not just about what you’re eating. It is also about what you are thinking and saying. Be Kind.” (Your Mind Will Thank You.)