New York Rangers grab big forward Nathan Aspinall to continue the additions of size

Flint Firebirds v Windsor Spitfires
Flint Firebirds v Windsor Spitfires / Dennis Pajot/GettyImages

The New York Rangers continue their mission to become larger than the New York Knicks by adding 6'7 point guar- I mean left-winger Nathan Aspinall from the Flint Firebirds of the OHL. Knowing that the 190-pound winger is already tall enough for the NHL, the question becomes more about his play. Can he develop to the point where a bottom-six role is open to accommodate the player? We'll find out with time, but let's talk about this player.

As a typical screen guy who loves to be in and around the fight in front of the net, Aspinall will not back down from a battle. He'll always look for an altercation and has the heart to battle for any puck. At his size, his physical presence and big hitting will leave a lasting impression on the opponents throughout a game or a series and make everything easier for his teammates. He'd be an excellent compliment for Rempe.

One underrated part of this player is his passing. Just because of his size, some assume that his hand-eye coordination isn't where it should be for this player to be impactful, but his ability to pick a pass out and weight it ideally and create for teammates with his size is incredible. It allows him to play multiple ways and be a Swiss army knife for any coach he plays for.

He's unlikely to trouble the NHL for the next couple of seasons, but there's a chance for him to get to Hartford in the AHL soon enough and get himself on the radar for the future. He will need to work on his skating and continue to play well in the OHL, but that size alone will make him renowned within the organization and the fanbase. There's so much to like with this player.