New York Rangers New Coach Produces More Points

The New York Rangers are Better this year.  Is it because of the Coach?

New York Rangers v New Jersey Devils
New York Rangers v New Jersey Devils / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The New York Rangers have led the way for most of this season in the Metro Division. They have played really well so far and have earned more points to date than was expected of them. Last year the Canes and Devils ruled the Metro Division. What's the Diff? Why? How? Or Maybe I should ask …Who?

Those of us following the New York Rangers, know they are considered to be a Cup Contender. After the announced Re-Build in 2017, the Blueshirts have put together a very competitive roster. Gerard Gallant was signed to lead the NYR Cup Run in 2021 and lasted until 2023. Since he could not get it done, it was again time for a change in the Head Coach position. That change is Peter Laviolette. A role player with NYR in 1988, Peter found success in Coaching. He has coached the NYI, Canes, Flyers, Preds, and the Capitals, before coming to Broadway.

What Happened, When and Where

NYI: 2001-2003 - He led them into the Playoffs in both those years and Lost in Round 1, both times.

Canes: 2004-2009 – He led them into the Playoffs in 2006 and helped them Win the Cup that year. He also led them into the Playoffs in 2009 and lost in Round 3.

Flyers: 2010-2014 - He led them into the Playoffs in 2010 and lost in the Finals. He also led them into the Playoffs in 2011 and 2012, losing both times in Round 2.

Predators: 2014-2020 - He led them into the Playoffs in 2017 and lost in the Finals. He also led them into the Playoffs in 2015, 2019 and 2020, losing in Round 1. He led them into the Playoffs in 2016 and 2018, losing both times in Round 2.

Capitals: 2020-2023 - He led them into the Playoffs in 2021 and 2022, losing both times in Round 1.

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How Did He and Why is it Working

It always helps to have good players on your roster. However, many coaches have had good to great players on their teams and have lost. So Why do some coaches win, while others struggle? Winners Win. Period. Once they know the formula, they simply re-create it where ever they go. Scotty Bowman has 1244 Wins to his name and Barry Trotz has 914 wins, to name a few.

A New Coach brings in New Systems, New Ideas, New Attitude, gives players a New Lease on Life, a second chance you might say or simply puts them in a position to succeed. Systems that are simple to apply no matter who is in the lineup, is a good start. A “No Quit” work ethic and a “Play the Right Way” attitude will always take you far.

New Head Coaches Helping their Teams into First Place

Atlantic Division - Boston Bruins
New Head Coach: Jim Montgomery – as of July 01.2022.

Boston Bruins Record as of January 16.2024
26-08-9= 61
1st - in the Atlantic Division
1st - in Eastern Conference
2nd - Overall in NHL

Metropolitan Division - New York Rangers
New Head Coach: Peter Laviolette – June 13.2023.

New York Rangers Record as of January 16.2024
27-13-2= 56
1st - in the Metropolitan Division
3rd - in Eastern Conference
6th - Overall in NHL

Central Division - Winnipeg Jets
New Head Coach: Rick Bowness – July 03.2022.

Winnipeg Jets Record as of January 16.2024
28-10-4 = 60
1st - in the Central Division
2nd - in Western Conference
3rd - Overall in NHL

Pacific Division - Vancouver Canucks
New Head Coach: Rick Tocchet – January 22.2023.

Vancouver Canucks Record as of January 16.2024
29-11-4 = 62
1st - in the Pacific Division
1st - in Western Conference
1st - Overall in NHL

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My View from the Cheap Seats
Section: TV Row: PVR Seat: The Couch
I have a good feeling if the Rangers are healthy heading into the Playoffs. The fact is, Laviolette has a history of Playoff success. He rolls out Four Lines, expects Puck Support, and plays his Star Players as much as can be expected without burning them out. He knows what it takes to win in April, May, and June. I am so excited for the NHL Playoffs to start.

Let’s Go Rangers...

Laviolette has the New York Rangers sitting in First Place as of January 16.2024. Isn’t it funny how a coach seems smarter when his Star Players are playing like Stars and the Leaders on the team are actually Leading.

Quote of the Day:
“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.”
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