New York Rangers Shesterkin Reignites his Flame around Valentines Day

Shesterkin Regains his Confidence with a Perfect Shutout against the Flames.

Calgary Flames v New York Rangers
Calgary Flames v New York Rangers / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The New York Rangers Igor Shesterkin #31 is Back. I’m not sure where he went, but #31 has had an up ‘n down season to date. Shesterkin started off the season rocky. Then in Calgary on October 24.2023, he found his game. He got injured against the Canes on November 02.23, which sent him on a path of reduced self-confidence.

Well Rangers fans, on Monday February12.2024, against the Calgary Flames once again, Igor Shesterkin pushed back all those doubters and raised his level of play to that of Georges Vezina. It’s been a while, however, we just saw the Rangers MVP in action once again, and I am excited and hopeful for good things to come. Oh ya…and I Love it.

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Yes, I know that Panarin is having a great season, however, we need All of our Stars to Play like Stars, in order to carry this team moving forward. And we all know that it is between the pipes that will determine if the Blueshirts will win the cup this year. I love the fact that Quick is having a solid season, and we need him, but The Straw that Stirs the NYR Drink is #31.

Shesterkin #31 played Rock-Solid in net against the Flames. He did not buckle, nor did he break down. He held his head high and with complete confidence throughout the game.
1-He telescoped out to challenge all shots and was in control moving lateral on all pass plays. His Blocker looked solid in all re-direction opportunities.

2-His Glove looked to be back to its old form as Shesterkin snagged a huge top-shelf-snipe-shot from the Flames Defensemen Andersson #4, early in the 3rd Period, with the Rangers up 1-0.
3-He stood tall, taking on all Shooters, especially against Flames Forward Coleman #20, with two, count ‘em, two, point blank great saves with 2:17 left in the 3rd Period and the Rangers still holding on to that 1-0 lead. Can you say Brick Wall? Yup. Confidence? You Betcha.

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New York Rangers Record as of February 14.2024

34-16-3 = 71 pts

1st - in the Metropolitan Division

2nd - in Eastern Conference

4th - Overall in NHL

My View from the Cheap Seats

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Shesterkin represented the New York Rangers at the NHL All-Star Game in Toronto in early February 2024. I always felt that he was an All-Star netminder, who was simply struggling to regain his form. Shesterkin had to once again, prove to everyone that he belonged to be there.

That said, maybe being around all those elite NHL’ers for a weekend, sparked that fire within him. To be the Very Best he can be going forward. So far, he has been.

The reality is the New York Rangers played a solid Tight-Checking, Puck-Possession, Limited Turnover game. All NYR Defensemen Boxed Out. All NYR Forwards Helped Out, which meant that Goaltender Shesterkin never had to Bail Out.

February 14th is Valentines Day. It is a day of Showing Your Love. Well, I Loved watching the New York Rangers play a Rock-Solid game and picking up the W. I Loved watching the All-Star performance from #31, the confidence is back and so too is the “Igor” chant at MSG. And I Love the fact that there is No Quit in New York.

Quote of the Day:

“Sharing the Blueshirt Love”

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