NYR Focus on the 12 Rules of Karma

The New York Rangers are Practicing Good Karma.  Here is how.
Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Rangers
Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Rangers / Rich Graessle/GettyImages

The New York Rangers are practicing Good Karma in hopes that all the good vibes now, will pay dividends, come April, May, and June 2024.  The Boys in Blue are looking good as we speak.  They are winning tight one-goal games.  They are bouncing back from defeat, by not allowing a losing streak to snowball.  All this good has been happening with injuries to key people.  So, let’s get healthy, and take a crack at the coolest Trophy in all of Sports.

Here are the 12 Laws of Karma and how they relate to the New York Rangers

The Great Law: Whatever we put into the Universe will come back to us.
NYR: The Rangers are a tight-knit group who actually like each other, want to play for each other, and will sacrifice for the good of the team.  This good Karma will come back to them in April when it really matters.

Law of Humility: One must accept something, in order to Change it.
NYR: Getting punted in Round 1 of the Playoffs means change.  A new Coach and some new blood have been added for now…tweaks are coming in March 2024.

Law of Responsibility: We must take Responsibility for what is in our lives.
NYR: Fun Fact.  Accept it, the Rangers are in First Place because of a commitment to Team D, an awesome Power Play, and great Goaltending.

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Law of Focus: We cannot Think of two different things at the same time.
NYR: The Boys cannot be thinking ‘bout scoring goals, while they are trying to stop ‘em. Focus Boys.

Law of Here and Now: We cannot be Present if we are looking backwards.
NYR: Last year is kaput.  Today, the New York Rangers are in First Place and going for it.  I love it.

Law of Patience and Reward: The most valuable rewards require Persistence.
NYR:  There is a certain amount of patience required to win those one-goal games.  The Blueshirts are understanding that concept, night in and night out.

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Law of Creation: Life does not happen by itself; we need to make it happen.
NYR: Ya wanna win...then play as team, work together, communicate, and trust one another.  It really is as simple as that.

Law of Growth: When we change ourselves, our lives change too.
NYR:  The Boys appear to have bought into what it takes to actually win in June.

Law of Connection: The Past, Present, and Future are all connected.
NYR: How the Rangers decided to play in October, has now become their standard of play.  Today, I look forward to their Future, with their Past in mind.

Law of Giving and Hospitality: Our behavior should match our thoughts and actions.
NYR: The Rangers welcome the opportunity to beat you, with all due respect of course.

Law of Change: History repeats itself until we learn from it and change our path.
NYR:  1994 is long gone.  Adjust, Adapt, Play Tough D and move the puck forward...North to South.

Law of Significance and Inspiration: Rewards are the result of energy and effort we put into it.
NYR: The Stanley Cup is within reach, The Rangers must simply bring More Passion, More Energy, More Footwork…each and every night.

New York Rangers Record as of December 12.2023
19-6-1 = 39pts
1st - in the Metropolitan Division
1st – Tied - in Eastern Conference
2nd – Tied - Overall in NHL

My View from the Cheap Seats  
Section: TV Row: PVR  Seat: The Couch
They say what goes around comes around.  I think you need to look closely and take care of the details in order to succeed. I believe that Good-Guys do win.  I believe “Playing the Right Way”, will get you where you want to go and give you what you want.  I really do believe the New York Ranger players like each other and really do care for one another. I believe…No Quit in New York.

Quote of the Day:
Law #13: “Karma is the Guy on the Chiefs”
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