NYR Puck Possession Proves Pivotal

The New York Rangers are Winning Games with Perfect Puck Possession.
Carolina Hurricanes v New York Rangers - Game Two
Carolina Hurricanes v New York Rangers - Game Two / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The New York Rangers won the Presidents Trophy for having the Best Regular Season Record.  The Rangers took out the Washington Capitals 4-games to none, in Round #1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.   Now the Blueshirts are up 2 games to zip, in Round #2 against the Carolina Hurricanes.  Why?   How is this happening?

Three Simple Words: Perfect Puck Possession.

Finally, the New York Rangers realized that “Dump n Chase” is a terrible strategy.  Finally, NYR realized that giving up the puck, after spending so much time trying to get the puck, is just a huge waste of player energy and makes no sense.  Finally, the Rangers realized that having the puck is actually the point of the game.

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The Rangers entered this season in the cup contender category.  However, it was in training camp where NYR implemented the Patient Puck-Possession style of play, that we are witnessing today in the Playoffs.  Managing the puck, with proper player support, and special attention to overall field position is critical in all wins. It is because they have been playing this style from the beginning of the season, that we are seeing the muscle-memory results today. And I love it.

It was this style of play that brought the 2023-24 New York Rangers these results.
NYR won 55 games during the Regular Season, the Most Wins in NYR Franchise History.
NYR won 28 games in come-from-behind fashion.
NYR won 20 games when trailing after the First Period.
NYR won 10 games when trailing after the Second Period.
NYR won games when trailing Late in the Game.
NYR won 30 games at MSG.
NYR won 25 games on the Road.
NYR won games Pretty.
NYR won games Ugly.
NYR won games because of their Goalies.
NYR won games because of their Power Play.
NYR won games because of their Penalty Killing.
NYR won games because of their Overall Team Depth.
NYR won games because of their commitment to D.
NYR won games because of their Team Speed, Urgency, and Intensity.
NYR won games because of their commitment to a Patient-Puck-Possession gameplan. Period.

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New York Rangers Record as of April 18.2024 - End of Regular Season
55-23-4 = 114 Pts
1st - in the Metropolitan Division
1st - in Eastern Conference
1st – Overall, in NHL

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My View from the Cheap Seats    
Section: TV     Row: PVR     Seat: The Couch
When I played hockey, I always wanted the puck.  I felt if I had the puck, I could somewhat control the game.  I could potentially go end-to-end and score a goal.  I could deke defenders, make a pass, which could set up a potential goal. Yes, I understand the value and importance of players knowing how to play without the puck. However,  I really felt the puck was mine and everyone else should just go get their own puck.  lol.

Finally, I came to realize that having possession of the puck, is actually the Best Defense. It's pretty tough to score when you don't have the puck, eh?

Playoff Hockey is a game of Puck-Possession and Patience, Overall Team D, Goal Scoring by Committee, Timely Saves, Grit n Sandpaper and a High-Level of Intensity.   No Quit in New York.

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