NYR This Week: Pen's Picks Dec 11-17.2023

New York Rangers v Toronto Maple Leafs
New York Rangers v Toronto Maple Leafs / Claus Andersen/GettyImages

The New York Rangers hit the skids in Ottawa and Washington last week and face a tough opponent in the LA Kings on Sunday.  Still in First Place by 5 points over Phila, shows you just how tight this Metro Division is.  A quick peek at the standings will show you that, a small slump combined with a nice run can equal a crowded Playoff Picture very fast.

Our Boys in Blue have a few key peeps on the IR, which is playing havoc with the lineup.  This of course is affecting chemistry on many lines and has an overall affect on Team Defense.  And folks, the cracks are starting to show up by watching the highlights.

I wanted to predict an awesome December; however, I will temper my excitement and my picks, based on some Long-Term Injuries.  I like this week though.  Here is hoping for a fast recovery and an exciting December of Rangers Hockey. 

I like to think I know enough about hockey that I can predict the winners and losers (just for fun only of course).  That said, this is what I call Pen’s Picks.  It’s where I look at the upcoming New York Rangers Schedule and predict the outcomes of all the games.  I am basing my picks on last years head-to-head record, lineup upgrades, injuries, and current record standings.

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The tough part is predicting who wins so far in advance, especially with injuries and other life events.  However, I’m up for the challenge. Here are my Pen’s Picks for the week of December 11-17.2023.

Here is the New York Rangers schedule for the upcoming week of December 11-17.2023.
1.     Dec 12. vs Leafs
2.     Dec 15. vs Ducks
3.     Dec 16. @ Boston

Dec 12. vs Leafs Last year, the Rangers lost 3-2 in OT to the Leafs on January 25th and lost again on April 13th. Is this the Year of the Leaf?  The Leafs have a ton of players on the IR as we speak.  Toronto has a really talented regular-season hockey team. It’s just not built for June Hockey.  Oh yeah, and by the way, 2024 is the Year of the Dragon.  Lol.
The Rangers are the better team.  Period.
Pen’s Pick:  NYR

Dec 15. vs Ducks
Last year, the Rangers Won 6-4 on October 17, then lost 3-2 to the Ducks on November 23.
The Ducks have some pieces and some injuries, but they are still a few years away.
The Rangers are the better team.  Period.
Pen’s Pick:  NYR

Dec 16. @ Boston
Last year, the Rangers lost 5-2 to the Bruins in November.  They also lost 3-1 to the B’s in January 2023.  The Rangers then Lost Again, 4-2 in March.

On Nov 25.23 vs. Boston, I predicted Boston would win.  (NYR won 7-4 in an old-time 1980s kinda shootout.  It was a great Rangers Win, for sure).
The Bruins were on cruise control last year, owning the entire NHL Regular Season.  But then, they entered the Playoffs and lost in Round 1; ouch, that’s gotta hurt. The Bruins were supposed to fall back down to earth this year.  However, they are Leading the Eastern Conference and are Second Overall in the NHL.  It does not seem like they are in decline mode.

The Rangers are the better team when healthy. However, I think they are too banged up and are playing loose Team Defence heading into this one. I think the Bean-Town-Boys will be looking for some payback from that November game.
Pen’s Pick: Boston

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New York Rangers Record as of December 10.2023
18-6-1 = 37pts
1st - in the Metropolitan Division
2nd  - in Eastern Conference
3rd  – Tied - Overall in NHL

My View from the Cheap Seats    
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The hard part of Pen’s Picks, is trying to predict the outcome of theses games so far in advance.  There is no doubt, that I would pick differently, had I known certain players were injured and were not in the Lineup.

Pens Picks: December 11-17.2023  >>> 2 Wins - 1 Loss
Pens Picks: December 02-10.2023  >>> 3 Wins - 2 Losses

Pens Picks: November 2023  >>> 7 Wins - 5 Losses (Actual NYR Record 9-3)
Pens Picks: October 2023  >>> 6 Wins - 3 Losses (Actual NYR Record 7-2)

Quote of the Day:
“It infuriates me to be wrong when I know I’m right"
Moliere – Actor / Playwright