Setback Strikes: Chytil's Injury Challenges Rangers' Road to Redemption

Tampa Bay Lightning v New York Rangers
Tampa Bay Lightning v New York Rangers / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

There's an air of thought about the New York Rangers as they prepare for their next game at Madison Square Garden, home of hockey history. Just one week after the Blueshirts failed to take advantage of the ailments that beset the Vegas Golden Knights, they find themselves in a rematch and must now carefully consider their options. The World's Most Famous Arena serves as the venue, and the Rangers must use the knowledge they gained from their last meeting to overcome obstacles and grab the initiative in this much awaited matchup.

Mid-day on Thursday, Jan. 26, the New York Rangers received devastating news: their center has sustained an additional ailment that is closely related to the concussion he suffered on November 2. This regrettable development makes the player's problems much more severe and raises questions about how the original concussion may have affected his general health and on-ice performance in the future. The team's current challenge is to overcome this setback while highlighting the significance of player recuperation and wellness considering the grueling NHL season.

 When it comes to Rangers hockey right now, supporters are juggling two different lines of thinking: first, what will happen with Chytil's uncertain return this season, and second, what will happen next in the complicated scenario Chris Drury and the New York Rangers find themselves in. The team's near future is clouded by uncertainty due to the lingering concerns over Chytil's availability. 

Further intrigue to the developing story comes from Nick Bonino's assignment to Hartford, the Rangers' AHL affiliate, following his clearance off the waiver wire. Rangers fans are left wondering about the tactical decisions that will determine the season's path and the effects on Drury's dynamic roster as the team negotiates these unknowns.

In a memorable meeting that took place early in the New Year, Chytil was seen with legendary figure and Hall of Famer Jaromir Jagr getting in some on-ice training in Czechoslovakia. Discussions gained impetus from the meeting's importance, especially in light of Chytil's appearance on the ice during practice earlier this week while wearing a red non-contact jersey. This development adds another level of intricacy to the Rangers' current struggles as they try to get back on track before the All-Star break. 

The Rangers will look to pick up the pace and find more contributions from up and down the lineup in an attempt to regain their early season form and keep in first place with the Hurricanes lurking 2 points behind heading into Friday’s matchup.