The New York Rangers could Learn these Life Lessons by watching the Movie Slap Shot

NYR could learn some very important Lessons by watching Slap Shot (Movie).  And here they are..
Toronto Maple Leafs v New York Rangers
Toronto Maple Leafs v New York Rangers / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The New York Rangers are in a bit of a funk heading into this weekend’s games against the Ducks and the Bruins.  On the surface, it’s been a great ride so far.  NYR has been at or near the top of the NHL Standings since October.  They have had a top tier Power Play and outstanding Goaltending, which has helped to get them this far.

But folks, I don’t like to say this out loud, however, cracks are appearing in the NYR shield.

Losers in 3 of their last 4 games, tells me something is up.  I am seeing inconsistent play, average goaltending, and less attention on Team D.  The patience that this team displayed in October and November, seems to be dialed down just a bit, the results are now backfiring on the Blueshirts.  It’s time the Boys in Blue watched Slap Shot (Movie) to recalibrate their brains, and gain some valuable life lessons, as they head into the Holiday Season.

Author’s Note:  I do not condone illegal plays in hockey, nor using your stick as a weapon.

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“When you are on the ice , let ‘em know you’re there.  Stick ‘em in the ribs…let ‘em know your there.”

NYR: It’s time for the New York Rangers to play Hard-Nosed, Tough, Grind-it-out Hockey again.  The Blueshirts need to “get it right back, to where they, started from.”  They need to get back to the basics of what made them so tough to play against in October and November, Playing Patient and Physical hockey.  So Boys, hit any opponent you can, clear out everybody in front of your own net and create havoc in front of the oppositions net.
Life:  If you don’t raise your hand and champion your own cause, no one else will.

The Syracuse Bulldogs are serious with this lineup; Tim “Dr. Hook” McCraken, Ross “Mad Dog” Madison, Ogie Ogilthrope and Gilmore Tuttle “Penalty Leader from 1960 to 1968”.

NYR:  Intimidation is real.  Take a look at the Defensive Corps of the Defending Stanley Cup Champions Vegas Knights.  They rolled out six D-Men who stood 6 foot 2 or more. Yikes.
Life:  Understand how and when to use intimidation to your advantage.  Also understand how and when it is being used against you.  So, gear up, toughen up, and level up.  This is real.

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“Phone Detroit tell ‘dem &.$, Trade me right @#$%&* now.”

NYR: Anyone on today’s roster, who is not willing to play Hard Core Team D and sacrifice for the team, needs to move on.  It’s all about the Winning the Stanley Cup this year.
Life: At some point in our lives, we all felt like we were buried in the minors, not getting paid enough, or wanting someone to appreciate our talents. We just wanted to be given a chance.  Perseverance gets you where you want to go.  So Own It.  Take control of your own life and YOU make it happen.

“We’re hot right now, we’re winning, you could sell us.  I would, but I can’t.  My accountant says I’m better to take the tax loss, rather than sell the team.”

NYR: Upcoming Free Agents: Wheeler, Bonino, Pitlick, Brodzinski, Gustafsson, Quick.  Who Stays and   Who Goes to Free Up Cap Space.
Life: Everyone is always looking out for themselves.  And don’t kid yourself, it’s Always About the Money. (‘ain’t that right Jon Rahm, Former PGA Golfer Now with LIV Golf…lol)

New York Rangers Record as of December 15.2023
19-7-1 = 39pts
1st - in the Metropolitan Division
2nd  - in the Eastern Conference
4th  - Overall in the NHL

My View from the Cheap Seats  
Section: TV  Row: PVR  Seat: The Couch

Slap Shot is the Greatest Hockey Movie ever, in my opinion.  It is from an era long ago, when Hockey was still a game and less structured.  If you can get past some of it, there really are many Life Lessons to be learned in this movie.

I had the opportunity to play golf with members of the cast, at their 40th  Anniversary Golf Tournament in August 2017.  I had the pleasure of meeting; Johnny Upton #12 The Captain (Allen F. Nicholls), Killer Carlson #3 (Jerry Houser), Two of the three Hanson Brothers; Jack Hanson#16 (David Hanson) and Steve Hanson #17 (Steve Carlson), Dr. Hook – Tim McCracken #9 (Paul D’Amato) and Denis Lemieux #1-Chiefs Goalie with the awesome goalie mask, (Yvon Barrette).

That day, I actually golfed with Denis Lemieux (Yvon Barrette). He is just an awesome guy to speak with and fun to be around.  He is so kind and so humble.  I got to laugh with Dr. Hook – Tim McCracken #9 (Paul D’Amato), so I must admit, I was a little scared of him, thinking he was gonna hook my eye out…lol.  I was truly blessed to have been able to meet these great people. They taught me so much.

Quote of the Day:
“Ooh, and it’s all right and it’s coming on, we gotta get it right back, to where we started from.”
Theme Song in Slap Shot (Movie)
Maxine Nightingale – Singer