Three things the New York Rangers will want as presents for Christmas

Dec 12, 2023; New York, New York, USA; New York Rangers goaltender Igor Shesterkin (31) reacts
Dec 12, 2023; New York, New York, USA; New York Rangers goaltender Igor Shesterkin (31) reacts / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
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Who doesn't enjoy the holiday season? As we get closer to Christmas with each passing day, we move closer to a day when billions of people will be opening gifts and presents they had wanted, given to them by Santa. As everyone here at Blue Line Station hopes you got exactly what you were after this holiday season, what could the New York Rangers organization be looking for in their gifts?

This season has started very well for the New York Rangers, who currently sit six points clear at the top of the Metropolitan Division standings. With long winning streaks, success at the Garden, and one of the best redemption stories of the year in the return to form of Jonathan Quick, New York has had a lot to feel good about in the hockey world. So, what more could the Blueshirts be after to improve their season?

We've seen some of the more established members of this Blueshirts core struggle to get to their best performances at this point. There's room for improvements and strengthening of this roster that still ranks among the best in the NHL at this moment in time. While this won't happen overnight, the Rangers may be able to fix some of these things themselves over the coming week before the big day.

There's nothing urgent that needs improving. This is what needs to change if the Blueshirts are going to be the unanimous best team in the NHL. These are going to be cherry-picked. It was a little bit like looking for a pimple on Miss America. It just didn't seem like there was anything major wrong until the recent drop in success. This just refers to the games against Toronto, Washington, and Ottawa. If it seems like there is a little bit of recency bias here, it's just because this has been the most difficult spell of the season.