Which Rangers Skaters Will Have Bigger Roles Next Season?

The New York Rangers may see surprise assets from last season take on more responsibility in 2024-2025.
Dallas Stars v New York Rangers
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Matt Rempe

Matt Rempe
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What seemed like a potentially short-lived tale will likely see a second chapter in 2024-2025. Matt Rempe, the 20-year-old from Calgary, Alberta has become a cult hero in Manhattan, and the rest of the league's nemesis.

That's how New York fans like it. What they also like are results. The 6'7 "Rempire State Building" showed what he can do at his best, and what happens when all eyes are on him.

He took his fair share of penalties in the regular season and post-season, many questionable, a few blatant. He also scored the first goal of the playoffs in the offensive zone.

His TOI against the Carolina Hurricanes and Florida Panthers became an area of concern (6:07 AVG), as the team was often shorthanded in tight contests, and Rempe was stapled to the bench.

"I have a big plan, I'm going to work on every single part of my game, "Rempe told the media on Tuesday, the New York Rangers locker clean-out day.

If Rempe dials in on his training he can become a low-cost, effective fourth-line forward next season who plays 12 minutes a night, and could continue to build towards penalty killing as well.

With the chaos of line brawls, heavy-weight tilts, and players trying to get a rise out of him, the flip of the coin is how effective Rempe can be when he plays five-on-five hockey.