New York Rangers Give Stanley Cup Playoff Fan Packages


The New York Rangers are giving fans Stanley Cup Playoff Fan Package which include three non-material gifts. Everyone gets one, are you ready for yours?

It’s that time of year again New York Ranger fans, the Stanley Cup Playoffs!

Those three little words loom over each one of us packed full of promise and excitement. As a fellow die-hard Ranger fan you are once again given a Stanley Cup Playoff Fan Package completely free of charge.

What is in a fan package you ask? Well, that depends on how much the Rangers decide to give you.

One thing for sure is you are 100% guaranteed the following three items which I have listed below. Keep in mind, while the Rangers are giving you all the same thing, each fan package is uniquely specific to you and how you chose to accept it.

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  • Gift #1

    A Round 1 Playoff Series vs The Pittsburgh Penguins

    What more could a faithful blue-shirt fan ask for than an extension to a hockey season for a minimum of four more games and the possibility of more.

    The Rangers will decide how many they will give you. As of April 11th, the regular NHL season was officially over but your Rangers have given you a guaranteed extension for your hockey viewing pleasure.

    Wasn’t that a thoughtful gift?

    To top it off they sprinkled in a 1st round series against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Most Penguin fans will admit that they are scratching their heads on how they even made it to the playoffs. With new head coach Mike Johnston struggling to keep their fan base happy and recent injuries to Evgeni Malkin (undisclosed) Kris Letang (concussion) Steve Downie (upper body) and Derrick Pouliot (upper body). It’s sure to be an interesting round of hockey. Mix in the possibility of extending our season beyond our web-footed rivals.

    Gift #2

    A Chance To Witness History

    We as Ranger fans know all to well the legacy of the 1994 Stanley Cup Winners. We are fully aware we are currently in a position with the President’s Trophy in hand to potentially repeat our predecessors successful season. Our Rangers will decide if they want to give of the gift of witnessing an incredible playoff series 21 years in the making.

    A long over due win of the Stanley Cup would be the ultimate gift. To witness history in the making is priceless to any blue-shirt faithful fan and will be truly treasured by all.

    Gift #3

    A Newfound Appreciation For Stress And Anxiety

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    How is stress and anxiety a gift and why would you appreciate it?

    Remember in the beginning I said they would give you a gift that was unique to you? This is that moment where you decide how you want to look at it. Hockey is an intense and fast game on its own but playoff hockey is a special game in its own league.

    The stress and anxiety are all part of playoff tradition. You only get to experience it if your team actually makes it and succeeds. That in itself is a rare gift.

    This team as a whole has come together a little more than last years. The chemistry is clicking and good things are happening. Rick Nash is a prime example of the change that was needed to get the Rangers where they are today. Hard to believe that less than a year ago we couldn’t rely on him to show up and now we almost expect him to score at every game.

    Let’s not forget to mention Kevin Hayes, what is that kid on and where can I get some? Somewhere along the blue-line his beast mode was activated and it has been on overdrive ever since. Having him on the same line as Martin St. Louis is proving to be a solid pairing for goal scoring opportunities.

    This team continues to thrive even when presented with adversities including the blow to Henrik Lundqvist and shortly after Kevin Klein’s injury. You see, good things come out of rising from the ashes. We have seen the bottom and it is time for the Rangers to rise to the top.

    With all that being said let us all sit back, open our hearts and get ready for them to bleed blue because there will be blood, anxiety, stress and moments of pure exhilaration. Get those playoff beards growing and enjoy your Stanley Cup Playoff Fan Package the Rangers will be bestowing on us over the next few weeks. We are sitting front row to witnessing something great, be ready to accept it!

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