New York Rangers Daily Dose: Coyotes Passion, Golfer Helps Fan, Team USA


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It’s Friday and almost time to let loose. We wanted to make your last day at work, school, or day off a pleasant one heading into the weekend with our latest edition of the New York Rangers Daily Dose.

Without further a due, here are the latest news from the world of the NHL:

One fan’s passion for the Coyotes- SPORTSNET.CA

With the headlines of the Arizona Coyotes and their arena lease issues, NHL fans have a lot of negative feelings towards the issue. Especially in Glendale, you can’t help but feel for the loyal supporters, who have been seemingly dragged through the mud in recent years with questions of ownership and now this.

Well, one fan took her strong feelings for the Coyotes to the public servants of Glendale. In a town meeting, 40-year old Rhonda Pearson, a nurse and loyal coyotes fan, voiced her concern and anger at her public officials for the way the city is handling the Coyotes debacle.

Pearson’s freedom of speech has gone viral on social media (i.e. YouTube, Twitter). So much so, she was interviewed by in a attempt for others to know the Coyotes fan more.

It’s an epic and passionate plea by a fan, whom others could relate to.

Pro-golfer helps a NHL fan out-

Normally, you don’t think of golf and hockey mixing. However, a fan can appreciate when the sports intertwine through an act of generosity. That’s exactly what happened for this hockey fan.

Canadian golfer Graham DeLaet had two tickets to Game Three of the Stanley Cup Finals in Chicago. He and a friend of his were planning to attend, but things didn’t work out. Delaet’s friend had complications with scheduling a flight and was unable to make it.

DeLaet intended on attending anyway, and was picking up his tickets at the will-call window of the United Center. At the same time, he saw a fan holding a sign up that read: I NEED 1 TICKET. GET STANLEY CUP FINALS OFF MY BUCKET LIST.

In an act of kindess, DeLaet obliged and offered his spare ticket to the fan, watching the game together.

Afterwards, DeLaet spoke that the fan offered money for the ticket but the golfer refused. Perhaps, the fan bought food and cold beverages that night.

The least he could do right?

Jack Eichel Cherry-bombs Grapes on hockey broadcast- CBSSPORTS.COM

If Ron Duguay had an arch-enemy in fashion, it would be CBC’s outspoken commentator Don Cherry. For years, he has hosted the popular segment Coach’s Corner, normally airing during intermissions on Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts.

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On several occasions, he has made it known of his passion for Canadian-born hockey players, and has been critical of Canadian teams signing players from the United States.

Well, during Game Three of the Stanley Cup Playoffs Monday night, Hockey Night Canada ran its Coach’s Corner segment during an intermission. In the broadcast, Cherry hosted several of the top prospects in this year’s NHL entry Draft. Among them was American standout, Jack Eichel.

The young prospect, who is projected to be the number two pick in this year’s Draft, presented “…a gift from all the guys south of the border…”, to the legendary hockey personality with a Team USA polo shirt.

Wonder if he will be sporting it when he talks about American-born players on the Toronto Maple Leafs again?

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