New York Rangers Saw Better Officiating in 2015 NHL Playoffs


If you were watching the New York Rangers‘ 2014 Playoff run, it was guaranteed that you were ticked off, or about to be ticked off, by a referee.

Not for nothing, but the guys in stripes were coming up with some seriously ridiculous calls against New York. If this had happened to any other team, I’m sure their fans would have completely felt the same way – butt hurt, yet for absolutely valid reasons.

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New York Rangers

The NHL itself even admitted to two goals against the Rangers during the Cup Final that should have never been allowed. That is a huge mistake by the refs because 1) these are goals we’re talking about and not just a couple of penalties, and 2) this happened in the Final, the most critical point of the Playoffs.

There’s no use in speculating what could’ve happened had the refs made the correct calls at the time. But it was important that better referring was put in place. And there was.

This year was different, at least from the New York Rangers’ stance. Most calls were fair and the refs immediately caught a no goal during Round Two.

Up against the Washington Capitals, Joel Ward had interfered with Henrik Lundqvist and a ref immediately waived off the resulting goal. You can see and hear exactly how it went down in’s Best of the Refs Video. Click that link to watch.

So, while the Rangers didn’t make it as far this year as they had last year, at least they did so without the fans wondering about a bunch of what ifs pertaining to the refs’ calls. We expected fair judgement on the ice and we got it…but maybe we got a little more than that as well.

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Officiating seemed to be in favor of the Blueshirts at times. In Round One, the Pittsburgh Penguins took penalties left and right – a lot were definitely fair while a couple others were questionable.

It was surprising for a ton of calls to be in favor of New York, especially the questionable ones considering how the zebras trampled over the Rangers last year. But what kind of hockey fan is going to complain about any call going their way? Let’s be honest.

In short: Aside from the slightly lopsided calls being a nice touch, officiating was undoubtedly better during the Playoffs this year than the last’s – at least for New York.

What’s important now is for all refs to be sharp and fair to every team in the league. Costly mistakes, like the ones made in the 2014 Cup Final, should be avoided no matter who’s on the ice. If the refs can accomplish that, fans everywhere will have an easier time simply enjoying the game.

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