New York Rangers Sign Derek Stepan to Multi-Year Deal


One of the best feelings you can have as a sports fan is knowing that you’ll have a good player on your team for the next few seasons. That has happened with one of the New York Rangers‘ best centers, Derek Stepan.

The deal’s details have not been released yet, however the New York Post’s Larry Brooks says it’s worth 6 years at $6.5 million a year, which is $39 million over the time. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was also a No Trade Clause thrown in as well.

Originally, Stepan was asking for $7.25 million per year, and the Rangers were willing to only give $5.2 per year. Stepan filed for arbitration and his hearing was set for today.

Last night, as I was thinking of different ways this signing could go, it struck me that Stepan might take a hit on the money for added security for a few seasons and sign a multi year deal. That was done this morning, it’s the best for him.

Statistically speaking, Stepan is much needed on the Rangers roster. The 25-year-old center has played with the Rangers his entire career, five years in the NHL, and each year he has gotten at least 40 points during the regular season. Last year, Stepan had 16 goals and 55 points in 68 games, giving him a plus/minus of +26.

Over his career, Stepan has appeared in 362 games and has scored 89 goals as well as 252 points, finishing up with a plus/minus of +85. You can also add 80 playoff games to the list as well, with 15 goals and 41 points as well as plus/minus of -5.

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Many were suggesting that Stepan wasn’t a good player because he was asking for too much money, but in reality that’s not true. The Rangers’ cap space issues are evident, there isn’t a lot of room. Stepan was entitled to ask for that as he can ask for what he wants, and he’s allowed to based on his play. However, given the Rangers’ cap issues this deal was the best for both worlds; Stepan stays in New York (the team he’s played with for five seasons) for another six years, makes $6.5 million a year, and has security for the future. I’m not so sure about a No Trade Clause, but it wouldn’t be a shock to see if there was one added.

This signing was one of the ending problems the Rangers had this offseason. With a few trades made up, and a few vital players signed, it’s all coming out smoothly. Ahh, who doesn’t love the NHL off season?

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