New York Rangers: Should Jimmy Vesey be traded?

OTTAWA, ON - MAY 6: Jimmy Vesey
OTTAWA, ON - MAY 6: Jimmy Vesey /

The New York Rangers have made multiple offseason moves, but should they shop Jimmy Vesey in hopes of a high return?

The New York Rangers may not be done this offseason. Jeff Gorton has made moves that suggest the team is building for the future and the now. Signing Kevin Shattenkirk was a must and they did. Losing Derek Stepan hurts but the team is deep enough to bounce back.

The rest of the offseason is crucial in determining if the Rangers can be considered serious contenders heading into the regular season. The team still lacks a true No. 1 center and could probably use some depth on the bottom two lines.

Trade rumors always fly this time of year, but one that hasn’t gained too much steam is a Jimmy Vesey trade. Should the Rangers shop the former Hobey Baker winner? Or is his upside too promising to risk it?

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Untapped potential

Vesey had an up and down 2016-2017 season. He started off incredibly hot, scoring six goals and totaling nine points in his first 10 games with the Rangers. Vesey had 15 points by December first, a solid total for a rookie. Then he dropped off. Vesey finished the season with 16 goals and 11 assists and scored only 12 points in his last 57 games.

Though there were flashes of brilliance, the rookie never returned to his level of play that captivated Rangers fans through the first quarter of the season. But everyone saw what could be. Everyone noticed a gritty kid who wasn’t afraid to get his nose dirty that, at the same time, had top six talent.

Vesey’s total points don’t do the season he had justice. While he may have fallen off in production, all signs point to the fact that he has the talent and the smarts to succeed at the NHL level. Never once was I left to question if Jimmy Vesey should be a future Ranger.

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If not Vesey, who?

So should the Rangers shop Vesey after just one season. Would they even get a good enough return? My answer is no. The only way to make a Jimmy Vesey trade worth it would be a package deal and quite frankly the Rangers don’t have enough assets to make that worthwhile.

Before coming out of college, the hype surrounding Vesey was tremendous. A lot of teams would probably still take him, but now as many who would have before he entered the league. A one for one trade for Vesey could maybe land the Rangers a second liner or a third liner and a pick. In other words, it’s not worth it.

Vesey is a top six talent, possibly, if all pans out well, a respectable first liner. As has been noted time and time again, the Rangers need a center. If they want depth at wing, free agency can solve that. But if Vesey is a trade piece, the only center on the trade market who the Rangers should even consider giving Vesey up for would be Matt Duchene.

That just won’t happen. Joe Sakic would likely ask for Vesey, DeAngelo, Grabner and three penthouses on Park Avenue. That trade- while probably not an entirely accurate speculation- would cripple the Rangers. I just don’t see a trade out there that would work in the Rangers favor if they gave up Vesey.

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Keep the kid

Seriously, just keep him. Vesey was what everyone should have expected last season. A 20-30 point player who showed tons of potential. If he didn’t have the start he did, I doubt many fans would have been critical of him.

It is way to early to give up on Jimmy Vesey and a trade would signify just that. Though it may not have huge ramifications, trading a top college talent may make New York seem less desirable to other top college prospects, however, I doubt it.

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I just don’t see a market for Vesey and I doubt the Rangers do too. There is not need to force the trade, not when the return would be less than warranted and not while his potential is still unknown.