Can NYR Panarin really be the MVP

The Breadman is having a Career Year.  Should He Be MVP We Shall See.

New York Rangers v Toronto Maple Leafs
New York Rangers v Toronto Maple Leafs / Chris Tanouye/GettyImages

Take Note All, the New York Rangers Artemi Panarin is having a Career Year in 2023-2024.  The Breadman is leading the Rangers with 94 Points, just 2 points shy of his career best, 96 points back in 2021-22.  He is leading NYR in Goals Scored 38, another Career Best. Panarin is also leading the Rangers with 56 Assists.  He saved the day with 4 Game Winning Goals to date.

Panarin is ranked 5th overall in the NHL for Points, with Pasternak-Bruins -99 pts, McDavid-Oilers-108 pts, Mackinnon-Avs-117 pts and Kucherov-TB-118 pts in front of him.  NYR #10 has been such an impact player for the Blueshirts this season, that voters must consider him, when thinking about this years Regular Season MVP.  

Below is My Scouting Report on Panarin #10.
Always remember that My View is from the Cheap Seats and I use binoculars to zoom in on the play.
(see below…lol)

Panarin #10
Age: 32
Height: 6 Ft
$11,642,857. Million per season, until he is a UFA 2026-27
No Move Clause
NYR: Signed as a Free Agent July01.2019

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Stats as of March 21.2024
Goals: 38 * Career Best
Assists: 56
Points: 94

Skating: All-World Speed
Turning: All-World Moves
Balance: All-World Ability

Passing: All-World Apples -especially through the trees and in traffic.
Shooting: All-World Sniper
Stickhandling: All-World Hands

Vision: All-World Eyes – sees the play happen well before it actually does.
Checking: Limited Physical Checking-not really why NYR pays him $11 Million.
Face Off Win%: n/a

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Special Teams
Power Play: All-World Talent with 10 PPG.
Penalty Kill: n/a – he could, however blocking shots and getting injured is too big a risk. 

Team Play O: All-World in the O-Zone – very creative.
Team Play D: ok in the D-Zone.  Not Aggressive but can defend.

Hockey IQ:  All-World Vision, Knowledge, and Execution.
Character: Serious about his craft and it looks like he is actually having fun out there.

Block Shots: Not really why NYR is paying him $11 Million.
Grit n Grind: He has the ability to work around defenders and fight through checks.  But “Sandpaper” is not his middle name.

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Stanley Cups: None
Calder (Rookie): 2015-16

MP Player Notes
An All-World talent on Full Display most nights.  A pure treasure to watch night-in-night-out.
A Rock-Solid NYR Player in 2023-24, who is having a Career Year.
A silent NYR Team Leader who let’s his talking appear in the Score Sheet.

Chips in the ice - NYR #10
Can Panarin #10 Produce when the chips are down and the checking is tighter in April-June?
Can the Breadman Produce when he only sees, Good to Great Goaltending every night?
The Brightest Stars come out to Shine on the Biggest Stages.  April is upon us #10.  Game On.  

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New York Rangers Record as of  March 21.2024.
45-20-4 = 94pts
1st - in the Metropolitan Division
2nd -Tied in Eastern Conference
2nd -Tied Overall in NHL

My View from the Cheap Seats    
Section: TV     Row: PVR     Seat: The Couch
The New York Rangers success has been 100% because of a total team effort, however Panarin has been the engine driving the Rangers all season.  The light shines just a little brighter, when NYR #10 steps on the ice.

Panarin comes as advertised.  He is a Star and scoring 17% of the New York Ranger Goals so far, proves it.  Only Pasternak - Boston, scores a higher percentage of his teams goals, with 19% so far.  We need Panarin's hard work and determination, to keep this Big Apple Train moving forward, well into June.

Remember Hockey is a game of Snipes ‘n Celly’s.

Quote of the Day
“Championships are Won with Hard Work and Determination, not just Talent.”
Derek Jeter – New York Yankees

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