NYR Now Enter Their Toughest Part of the Season

The New York Rangers Checked ALL THE BOXES at the Trade Deadline and now its the Final Countdown until the Playoffs

New York Rangers v Carolina Hurricanes
New York Rangers v Carolina Hurricanes / Jaylynn Nash/GettyImages

Ok NYR fans, you can relax now, take a deep breath, easy does it.  You made it through the NHL Trade Deadline Day, A-OK, as did the New York Rangers.  This year the Blueshirts went out and picked up some much-needed depth :Wennberg-C-Kraken, Roslovik -RW- Columbus, Ruhwedel – D- Penguins, Petan-LW-Wild, and gave up very little of their future along the way. 

Remember how the Rangers always seem to trade away their future for “Past their Prime” Stars.  Well folks, this year must be “Our Year,” because the Rangers did not trade for any over-hyped stars like Tarasenko, Kane, or an injured Guenzel.  Rather than making their annual Deadline Day Splash, the Rangers instead, opted for actually fixing gaps in their line-up and getting better.  Sexy no, but an overall team improvement, with an eye towards success in April, May, and June....YES.

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The New York Rangers are serious Cup Contenders, with gaps.  So, at the Trade Deadline, GM Drury went out and filled those gaps.
Missing Line #1 RW…check
Missing Depth Centerman…check
Missing Depth on D…check
Missing Depth overall…check

Now, the real question is, how well can these boys play with each other.  Time will tell how smart GM Drury is.  However, there are no more excuses now in New York.  The GM did his job, the Coach has been doing his job, and now it’s time for the players, on the ice, to produce, during the hardest part of their schedule. 

This is the part of the season where we will see if Kakko can pull his weight.  If Mika can get hot, if Panarin and Laffy can keep up their awesome pace, if the New Guys fit in, if the D can play tight and if Shesterkin can become Vezina.  The time for all to ramp up the intensity to Level 4 is NOW…Game On, Boys.  It’s time for the Stars to Shine Bright on Broadway.

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New York Rangers Record as of  March 09.2024.
40-18-4 = 84 pts
1st - in the Metropolitan Division
3rd - in Eastern Conference
5th  Ties - Overall in NHL

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My View from the Cheap Seats  
Section: TV     Row: PVR     Seat: The Couch  

I’m not sure if you folks have checked the rearview mirror lately, but there is a Hurricane coming our way.  The Canes are only 4 points behind the Rangers, have played lukewarm hockey for most of the year and just picked up Kuznetsov and Guenzel.  If they get any kind of hot goaltending, look out.  Let’s hope impatience does not get the best of us.  

From March 11 until the end of the season, April 15, is what I consider to be the New York Rangers toughest part of their schedule.  I know January was terrible, but just look at who they play and the time of season.  Many tough teams, means many tough games are on the horizon for the Blueshirts. Yikes.

Now, we all know “How” the New York Rangers got their 40 W’s.  My question is, with the “Magic Formula” in hand, can the Blueshirts replicate more Dubs over these last 20 games, by playing a Patient, Puck-Possession game.  I said it before, I would take a drop in the standings if it meant NYR was healthy heading into the Playoffs.

Remember Hockey is about Movement and Momentum.

Quote of the Day:
“The market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.”
Warren Buffet  - Investor  

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