NYR First to 40 Dubs...Here is How

Here is the New York Rangers Magic Formula to 40 Wins

New York Rangers v Toronto Maple Leafs
New York Rangers v Toronto Maple Leafs / Chris Tanouye/GettyImages

On February 28.2024, the New York Rangers beat the Columbus Blue Jackets 4-1 at MSG. With that Dub, the New York Rangers became the First Team, this NHL season, to reach the 40 Win Plateau. Over the Rangers 98-year history, only 23 other NYR teams have accomplished this feat. Oh yeah, and there are still 21 games left on the schedule.

New York Rangers Record as of March 04.2024.
40-17-4 = 84 pts
1st - in the Metropolitan Division
2nd - in Eastern Conference
2nd - Overall in NHL
Oh, I love to look at the standings these days, isn’t it fun?

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As the Rangers gear up for their final 21 games of the season, I thought I would share with you, ‘HOW” the New York Rangers got those 40 W’s. So, here is that “Magic Formula.”
NYR Out Shoot their opposition
The Rangers average 29.95 shots per game, when they win.
NYR has Outshot their opponents in 29 of their 40 Wins.
Captain Obvious:
The Blueshirts are directing more pucks towards the net and good things are happening…see the Bread Man and Laffy as proof. It's great to see the success they are having because of it.

NYR Out Hit their opposition
The Rangers average 21.1 hits, when they win.
NYR has Out Hit their opponent in 24 of their 40 Wins.
Captain Obvious:
Using the body to get the puck from the opposition, is the main objective of hitting an opponent. Slowing down the opposition would be another purpose. Sending a message of toughness, and intimidation, “we won’t be pushed around,” would be another reason to crash into someone.
Have a look at any number of hits by our Captain Trouba and take a peek at Rempe‘s hit on the Leafs Lyubushkin as proof. Oh, I can’t wait for the Playoffs.

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NYR Win More Faceoffs than their opposition
The Rangers Win on average, 53.55% of the faceoffs, when they win.
Captain Obvious:
The Rangers rank 5th overall in the NHL, in Faceoff Win percentage. NYR gets Instant Puck Possession when they Win the Draws, and can begin an immediate offensive attack, rather than chasing after the puck. I love this stat.

NYR Block the Opposition Shots
The Rangers average 16.92 blocked shots, in the games they win.
Captain Obvious:
It definitely helps when all players sacrifice their bodies to block shots. NYR appears to be a team that actually cares about one another enough, to put their bodies on the line for each other.

NYR Turnover the puck
The Rangers Turn the puck Over 7.1 times per game, when they win.
NYR played a number of “loose” games in Dec and January, which has led to an increase in Turnovers Per Game. As compared to November 2023, when the Rangers Turnover stat was 5.82 times per game, when they won.
Captain Obvious:
Turnovers will be the Downfall of the This Empire. If the Rangers continue losing the turnover battle per game, they will lose. Period.
The Rangers are much more of a Puck Possession, Patient, team this year. They have players who are skilled, have gifted hands and can handle the puck. What that means is, they must support the puck carrier, they must put the puck in right places so teammates can make plays, and they must always be aware of field position. As proof, NYR played this way in October and November, and it worked to perfection.

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NYR Score Goals
The Rangers average 3.97 goals, when they win.
Captain Obvious:
The Blueshirts need to be able to score 5 vs 5, from here on, and not rely so much on their Power Play.

NYR Score First
The Rangers Scored First in 29 of their 40 Wins.
Captain Obvious:
When NYR take the lead, they can set the tone and pace of play. They can Control the Game.

NYR Limit Their Penalties
The Rangers average 9.9 minutes in penalties, when they win.
Captain Obvious:
Giving the opposition multiple extra man advantages, is a recipe for disaster, moving forward.

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NYR Don’t Allow Goals
The Rangers hold their opposition to 1.77 goals, when they win.
Captain Obvious:
Thank Drury for signing Quick. His 13 Wins Literally Saved the Rangers season and let Shesterkin find his MVP game once again. The Rangers know that Defense Wins Championships. Both Goalies will be called upon to deliver this chip. Overall, NYR Team D needs to tighten up in the Playoffs. And they Will.

NYR Score on the Power Play
The Rangers Power Play has scored at least 1-goal, in 25 of their 40 Wins.
Captain Obvious:
You need your PP clicking for sure, however, if you reply to heavily on your Power Play to win you games, it will come back to bite you in the Playoffs, when all teams tighten up on D. The NYR Power Play ranks 6th overall in the NHL @ 24.6%. The boys are on the same page most nights, moving the puck as well as their bodies, looking for the one-timer or deflection tip in. I love it.

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My View from the Cheap Seats
Section: TV Row: PVR Seat: The Couch
English philosopher, Sir Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge is Power".
Based on my scouting report, we all know “How” the New York Rangers got their 40 W’s. My question is, with the “Magic Formula” in hand, can the Blueshirts use this Power to replicate more Dubs in April, May, and June, so they can bring home the Coolest Trophy in All of Sports.

Quote of the Day:
“Knowledge is Power, but useless if not applied.”
Marc Penner
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