Pen's Picks March 2024

Here are My Thoughts about how the Month will Play Out for the New York Rangers.

Columbus Blue Jackets v New York Rangers
Columbus Blue Jackets v New York Rangers / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

What a difference a Month can make. Coming out of the Holiday Season, the Rangers had such high hopes for an amazing second half of the year, only to sputter in January. While uncertainty set in, the rumors regarding all that was wrong and how to fix it began swirling. Those rumors were washed away with a 10-game winning streak and almost running the table for the entire Month of February.

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I like to think I know enough about hockey that I can predict the winners and losers (just for fun only of course). That said, this is what I call Pen’s Picks. It’s where I look at the upcoming New York Rangers Schedule for the Month and predict the outcomes of all the games. I am basing my picks on lineup upgrades, injuries, and current record standings. I’m up for the challenge, so let’s hit it. Note: This Month is Super Hard to pick, given that March 08.24 is the Trade Deadline, and many rosters could be affected. So don't be mad if I have a slight miss this month.

Here is the New York Rangers upcoming schedule for the Month of March.

1. March 02. @ Toronto
2. March 04. Vs Florida
3. March 09. Vs St.Louis
4. March 11. Vs New Jersey
5. March 12. @ Canes
6. March 14. @ TB
7. March 16. @ Pitts
8. March 17. Vs NYI
9. March 19. Vs Jets
10. March 21. @ Boston
11. March 23. Vs Florida
12. March 26. Vs Phila
13. March 28. @ Avs
14. March 30. @ Coyotes

Here are my Pen’s Picks for the Month of March 2024.
March 02. @ Toronto
The Leafs are 7-1 over their last 8 games. They are beating teams they should beat, however in my opinion they have been in constant replace mode as opposed to upgrade mode on D and I do not trust their Goaltending.
NYR: Coming off a Red-Hot February, the Blueshirts are looking to add to their lead in the Metro, especially on Hockey Night in Canada.
Pen’s Pick: NYR

March 04. Vs Florida
These Panthers are for real. 8-1 over their last 9 games, means they can play consistent hockey. Truth be told, I have not seen them play this year. They are healthy and look to have a deep lineup.
NYR: Coming off a HNIC game and travel, I expect a NYR let- down in this one.
Pen’s Pick: Florida

March 09. Vs St.Louis
The Blues are 5 points out of a Wild Card spot and there are rumours they are Sellers at the trade Deadline. They are healthy, but losers in 5 of their last 6 games.
NYR: This is a pick your socks up game for the Rangers…It’s a Dub.
Pen’s Pick: NYR

March 11. Vs New Jersey
New Jersey have been a little over .500 for most of the year. They have health issues on D and I’m not sold on their Goalies.
NYR: Took them out 5-1 on Feb22 and they will take them out again.
Pen’s Pick: NYR

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March 12. @ Canes
The Canes are 5-2 over their last 7 games and nipping at the Rangers heels heading into the final push. They have speed, however, appear to be weak between the pipes.
NYR: Will want to set the tone in this one, however, they might not be as motivated as the Canes.
Pen’s Pick: Canes

March 14. @ TB
Time, Injuries, and the Cap have all eaten away at this recent Dynasty Franchise.
NYR: It’s time to show the Past Champs they are now on the “other side” of the hill.
Pen’s Pick: NYR

March 16. @ Pitts
What they were is not what they are. A Power Play with an All-Star Roster that can’t score, is a shame. The Pens are still Weak on D as well as well as in net. They are potentially Sellers nearing the Trade Deadline, looking to get younger.
NYR: The pendulum has shifted, and now it’s payback time for NYR.
Pen’s Pick: NYR

March 17. Vs NYI
Time keeps on slippin’ …into the Future. They had their chance to make up ground in the Stadium Series and messed it up. Coach Roy is laying the foundation for next year.
NYR: Just too much Big Apple to bite into, at this time.
Pen’s Pick: NYR

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March 19. Vs Jets
These Jets are flying high. They are still hanging with Dallas and the Avs in the Central. Does this mean they are for real? Well, I said it before, the tough part of their schedule is in March, so we shall see. I still don’t think they have the grit needed to run deep into April.
NYR: The Blueshirts ground the Jets in this one.
Pen’s Pick: NYR

March 21. @ Boston
I am not trying to pump the tires of these B’s, however they play a consistent game and have found themselves in overtime, a league leading, 14 times to date.
NYR: Are not as consistent.
Pen’s Pick: Bos

March 23. Vs Florida
See Above – March 04.24
NYR: Will have a tough time in this one, especially after the Bruins game a couple nights earlier.
Pen’s Pick: Florida

March 26. Vs Phila
The Flyers are one of the most improved teams in the NHL. They are a typical hard-working, disciplined, Torts Team. They are missing some Fire Power.
NYR: Are the more complete team. Period.
Pen’s Pick: NYR

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March 28. @ Avs
The Avs are getting healthy and will be leveling up the intensity heading into this game, as only a Past Champion knows.
NYR: Will not be able to match that intensity in this game, especially only a few days after the Philly game.
Pen’s Pick: Avs

March 30. @ Coyotes
The Yotes should just move to Quebec City all ready.
NYR: Will want the W in this one.
Pen’s Pick: NYR

New York Rangers Record as of March 01.2024
40-17-3 = 83 pts (Pen’s Picks ytd: 36-24)
1st - in the Metropolitan Division
2nd - Tied - in Eastern Conference
2nd - Tied - Overall in NHL

My View from the Cheap Seats
Section: TV Row: PVR Seat: The Couch
The hard part of Pen’s Picks, is trying to predict the outcome of theses games so far in advance. There is no doubt, that I would pick differently, had I known certain players were injured and were not in the Lineup.
Pens Picks: March 2024
9 Wins - 5 Losses
I think there will be an overall NYR let-down after an amazing Feb 2024.

Pens Picks: February 2024
7 Wins -4 Losses
(Actual NYR Record 10-1…Wowza)
Pens Picks: January 2024
8 Wins - 6 Losses
(Actual NYR Record 5-9)
Pens Picks: December 2023
8 Wins - 6 Losses
(Actual NYR Record 9-5)
Pens Picks: November 2023
7 Wins - 5 Losses
(Actual NYR Record 9-3)
Pens Picks: October 2023
6 Wins - 3 Losses
(Actual NYR Record 7-2)

Quote of the Day:
“It infuriates me to be wrong when I know I’m right. “
Moliere – Actor / Playwright