3 dynamic prospects the Rangers cannot trade at the 2024 deadline

The New York Rangers will rightfully buy at the trade deadline, but there are a few prospects they need to strongly consider keeping in their system.

Minnesota Wild v New York Rangers
Minnesota Wild v New York Rangers / Elsa/GettyImages
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The New York Rangers rank in the middle of the NHL in terms of age and experience, and that’s rather amazing when you think about how dominant they have been this season, sitting just two points out of leading the NHL standings. 

That said, the Rangers will buy at some point around the March 8th deadline, and depending on what moves they make, there is a chance they could add a couple of rental pieces, given their fair amount of deadline cap space

The keyword is rental, and remember, New York has a few young players who will be restricted free agents following the season and even more the year after. This shows that, despite playing remarkable hockey over the past three years, there is a core brewing while many of their older players are signed through either 2025, 2026, or 2027.  

You couldn’t ask for a better situation, but it also means the Rangers could just dominate the latter part of the 2020s and even into the 2030s if they sign their upcoming RFAs to reasonable extensions and keep developing their best prospects. 

The Rangers should buy, but not at the expense of a few prospects

Because of the way things have been set up in New York, there are quite a few prospects who have yet to play in NHL games the Rangers should hang onto. Each of these “untouchable” prospects should find themselves in a blue shirt by 2027, and once fully developed, they will continue the winning ways this team has found itself in. 

Which prospects would be the best ones in the system to keep around and should stay out of the trade discussion in early March? Here are three names the Rangers, under no circumstances, should trade while building for the present and working toward dominating the league in the future.