3 dynamic prospects the Rangers cannot trade at the 2024 deadline

The New York Rangers will rightfully buy at the trade deadline, but there are a few prospects they need to strongly consider keeping in their system.
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Drew Fortescue is another Boston College product who must stick around…for now

A teammate of Perreault’s at Boston College, Drew Fortescue’s limited game is something you cannot fool yourself over, as the Rangers third-round pick this past season is the kind of player who could see a two-way game emerge as he realizes what damage he can do in the offensive zone. 

He’s the type of blueliner whose play could look dramatically different in three years from what we have seen so far, and the Rangers will reap those rewards should they keep him around and he shows such improvement. 

Even if Fortescue isn’t ready to take the NHL ice by 2027 (and he probably won’t be, barring a huge jump in development), let him continue to grow his game in Hartford, play him as a floater for a season if need be, then go from there. 

And if he ends up as nothing more than someone you put onto the third pairing, then send him elsewhere. But currently, there may be too much untapped potential to move a player like Fortescue at this point. He’s one of those low-risk, high-potential players you let fully develop before you even think of moving him elsewhere.


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