New York Rangers taking a Dip, then got Bit

Sharks take a Bite out of the Big Apple means we are Not Out of this Slump just yet.
New York Rangers v San Jose Sharks
New York Rangers v San Jose Sharks / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

The New York Rangers January slip n slide continues, as they lost 3-2 in OT against the Last Place San Jose Sharks.  Oh no, Oh my.  Losers in 8 of their last 12 games, the Blueshirts are actually turning blue.  Like Code Blue.  Losing to Montreal, St. Louis and now the Sharks, all in the same month, has really tightened the screws on the Rangers.  Thank goodness for a few of those “Loser Points” or this situation might be more like condition critical. Look on the bright side, who's in 1st? NYR.

How the Rest of the Metro Div has Performed

2. The Flyers have stumbled of late, losing 3 in a row and they have some tough tests still to come.  Catch ya on Feb24.
3. The Canes cooled off over the last three games, after winning 7 of 8.  Whew.  We meet again on Mar 12.
4. The Devils have lost 5 of their last 7 games.  Keep up the good work NJ. We’ll see ya on Feb22.
5. The Islanders just added “Super Intense” Patrick Roy as their New Head Coach.  We will keep an eye out for that “Coaches Bump” that all teams look for during a Mid-Season Coaching change.  Prior to the HC change, NYI had lost 5 of their last 6 games. Catch up on Feb 18.
6. The Caps have been a win some, lose some team since the end of November. Losing 6 of their last 10 games, and they have some key upcoming battles.
7. The Pens have lost 4 of their last 5 games.  Malkin just scored on his own goal last night.  ‘Nuf said here.
8. The Blue Jackets have lost 5 of their last 6 games.  When was that Tee Time Again?

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Thank the world all Metropolitan Division teams entered the "Dog Days" of January together, or we might be looking at an entirely different set of Division Standings. One where NYR might be looking up at a few teams. That said, it is blatantly obvious that the NYR level of execution is slightly different from those games in October and November 2023. 

The New York Rangers are not bringing that same sense of urgency to the rink each night.
The Blueshirts are making mental mistakes because they are playing on autopilot.
NYR wingers are not helping out in the Face-Off Circle Scrambles.  Not cool.
Those Boys in Blue, who win the draws, need to toughen up in that circle.
New York Rangers Defensemen “All Need to Box Out” way better then they have been.  Period.
The Blueshirts need to re-establish Pick-Plays and Pinpoint Passing with speed.  Like Now.
NYR #31 just simply “Needs to Focus” on each and every shot like it matters, cause it does.

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New York Rangers Record as of January 24.2024
29-15-3= 61
1st - in the Metropolitan Division
2nd - in Eastern Conference
6th - Overall in NHL

My View from the Cheap Seats
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The New York Rangers simply cannot afford to leave any points on the table from here on.  NYR just needs to beat all opponents below them in the standings. 
Now, one must appreciate how difficult it was for the Boston Bruins to have such a spectacular Regular Season, last year, only to lose in the First Round of the NHL Playoffs.

I will say it again.  I would gladly give up First Place in the Metro Div, to have a healthy and motivated line-up heading into Round 1 of the Playoffs.

Quote of the Day:
“Push Yourself to Be the Best You Can Be.”