Pen's Picks February 2024

Here is who I think the New York Rangers Will Beat in Feb 2024
2024 NHL All-Star Skills
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The New York Rangers finally hit the skids in the Month of January. It was a tough month for the Blueshirts, Period. Dog Days, Lackluster Play, Injuries, and Player Slumps have all added up to many L’s throughout the month. Mounting loses in the month now means we have a super-tight Metro Division. The “ Hardest Division in Hockey” has 7 of the 8 teams “In The Hunt”, as we speak. Yikes.

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I like to think I know enough about hockey that I can predict the winners and losers (just for fun only of course). That said, this is what I call Pen’s Picks. It’s where I look at the upcoming New York Rangers Schedule for the Month and predict the outcomes of all the games. I am basing my picks on lineup upgrades, injuries, and current record standings. I’m up for the challenge, so let’s hit it.

Here is the New York Rangers upcoming schedule for the Month of February.

1. Feb 05. Vs Avs
2. Feb 07. Vs TB
3. Feb 09. @ Chicago
4. Feb 12. Vs Calgary
5. Feb 15. Vs Montreal
6. Feb 18. Vs NYI
7. Feb 20. Vs Dallas
8. Feb 22. @ NJ
9. Feb 24. @ Phila
10. Feb 25. @ CBJ
11. Feb 28. Vs CBJ

Here are my Pen’s Picks for the Month of February 2024.

Feb 05. Vs Avs
The Avs look like they are now ready to take this year seriously. Winners in 4 of their last 5 games heading into the All-Star Break, means they are getting healthy and feeling really good about their game.
NYR will come out hungry, but will leave starving for that W.
Pen’s Pick: Colorado

Feb 07. Vs TB
Winners in 8 of their last 9 games heading into the All-Star Break, means they are finding their groove. Also keep in mind, they had many players injured in January. Happy with their game and getting healthy means beware of the Past Champs going forward.
NYR will want to tighten up their gameplan for this one. It Won’t Be Enough.
Pen’s Pick: TB

Feb 09. @ Chicago
Chicago is really thinking about High Draft Picks at this time. The Perry situation, just added more drama than this franchise needs. They are the walking wounded and Bedard just took it on the chin.
NYR will bounce back after some tough losses to start the month.
Pen’s Pick: NYR

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Feb 12. Vs Calgary
The Flames just might be Officially Selling… Lindholm to the Canucks, might have started the domino effect.
NYR will Need the W in this one. Losing is Not an Option here.
Pen’s Pick: NYR

Feb 15. Vs Montreal
The Montreal Canadiens are Sellers…10 points out of a Wild Card Spot in the Eastern Conference, with 7 other teams in their way, means it’s time to think about Next Year.
NYR will need to take care of biz in this one. Losing is Not an Option here.
Pen’s Pick: NYR

Feb 18. Vs NYI
The Islanders changed coaches just prior to the All-Star Break. Looking for that Coaches Bump has not materialized just yet, going 0 for 3 in their last 3-games. Let’s hope the lull continues.
NYR will stub their toe on this one. I feel it will mean more to NYI than to NYR.
Pen’s Pick: NYI

Feb 20. Vs Dallas
Winners in 6 of their last 8 games before the All-Star Break, tells me they are beating all teams below them in the standings…oh-oh.
NYR will have a tough time with this team. They are Big, Strong, and Tough.
Pen’s Pick: Dallas

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Feb 22. @ NJ
New Jersey ran into health issues early in the season and it appears to be dragging them down.
NYR will bounce back after a couple of key losses. It’s back to reality boys…Game On.
Pen’s Pick: NYR

Feb 24. @ Phila
Well, Phila has overachieved to this point. They have had drama and are still in the fight.
NYR will have to take them out in this one.
Pen’s Pick: NYR

Feb 25. @ CBJ
These guys are in a season long meat grinder. A- they have a number of issues inside that Locker Room and Franchise. B- their Stars have Underperformed. C- they are playing in the Hardest Division in the NHL.
NYR will bounce back after that mini skid. Losing is Not an Option here.
Pen’s Pick: NYR

Feb 28. Vs CBJ
See above
NYR must pick up the Dub. Losing is Not an Option here.
Pen’s Pick: NYR

New York Rangers Record as of February 05.2024
30-16-3 = 63 pts (Pen’s Picks ytd: 36-24)
1st - in the Metropolitan Division
3rd - in Eastern Conference
6th – Tied - Overall in NHL

My View from the Cheap Seats
Section: TV Row: PVR Seat: The Couch
The hard part of Pen’s Picks, is trying to predict the outcome of theses games so far in advance. There is no doubt, that I would pick differently, had I known certain players were injured and were not in the Lineup.
Pens Picks: February 2024
7 Wins -4 Losses

Pens Picks: January 2024
8 Wins - 6 Losses
(Actual NYR Record 5-9) I did not see that slump hitting just yet.

Pens Picks: December 2023
8 Wins - 6 Losses
(Actual NYR Record 9-5)
Pens Picks: November 2023
7 Wins - 5 Losses
(Actual NYR Record 9-3)
Pens Picks: October 2023
6 Wins - 3 Losses
(Actual NYR Record 7-2)

Quote of the Day:
“It infuriates me to be wrong when I know I’m right. “
Moliere – Actor / Playwright