3 reasons Igor Shesterkin is not out of the race for the Vezina Trophy

Connor Hellebuyck may have a huge lead for the Vezina Trophy, but NY Rangers goaltender Igor Shesterkin could make a late-season run.
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A former Vezina winner in their prime can go on and stay on a roll

During the first three weeks of 2021-22, Shesterkin suffered just one regulation loss to go with five wins and a pair of overtime losses. He also had a 0.943 save percentage, 15 goals allowed, and a shutout in that frame. Shesterkin showed us that year he could even sustain outrageous success for nearly three months. 

Look back at what he accomplished between November 8th, 2021, and January 24th, 2022, when he helped the Rangers take 15 wins while sustaining just two losses and just 31 goals allowed. His 0.941 save percentage was less than a fraction of what he had in the first three weeks of the year, and it set the stage for his Vezina-winning campaign. Two more shutouts also helped, which gave him three on the year.

Shesterkin doesn’t have time for an epic two-and-a-half months of regular season play, with the final game coming in mid-April. But he can still put together one last month reminiscent of what we saw between October 14th and November 6th, 2021, and even his most recent four weeks of sensational play. 

If Hellebuyck does the same thing, it’s hard to see Shesterkin winning the Vezina, but he will generate serious consideration.