New York Rangers Beginning To Look Different

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New York Rangers Danny Kristo played in Hartford last season

New York Rangers right wing Danny Kristo recently accepted his qualifying offer
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After a couple of weeks of open free agency the New York Rangers have lost some key players but added some nice young talent that may better fit how Alain Vigneault wants his team to play-BT Farley 
When Glen Sather hired Alain Vigneault as head coach of the New York Rangers, and gave him John Tortarella’s team aside from some free agent players signed from the scrap heap last summer. Benoit Pouliot was a low risk signing and an Alain Vigneault type skilled player with two-way ability. Now Benoit Pouliot finished a successful season in New York and cashed in on the unrestricted market. He had the best season of his career and Glen Sather wanted to keep him in a New York Rangers uniform. He was smart not to go anywhere near what he got from Edmonton.

There’s a lot of hard negotiating for Glen Sather and his staff to partake in over the next month or two. Restricted Free Agent  Derick Brassard received a qualifying offer of $3.7 million, the least allowed by the newest Collective Bargaining Agreement. He declined that offer and elected to go to arbitration. Chris Kreider, also a Restricted Free Agent had a cap hit  $850,500 He also declined that offer and will go before an arbitrator on July 23. Then there’s Mats Zuccarello who led the New York Rangers in scoring during the regular season and put up thirteen points in the twenty-five playoff games. His qualifying offer was the same as his salary from last season, $1,150,000 million. He is also slated to go before a salary arbitrator on July 25. All three players can and will continue talks with management before the hearings begin. They tend to get ugly and can sever the relationship between team and player. The Arbitration hearings begin on July 20. Depending on the amount of the last contract the offer could be one hundred percent like in the case of Mats Zuccarello, John Moore, and Chris Kreider. Derick Brassard is a different story since he made more money. His Qualifying Offer is one hundred and ten percent (110%) of his last contract. The Qualifying Offer is a one year contract that protects the team from offer sheets from other teams and ensures the player gets a fair value either by hearing or by ongoing negotiations.

The New York Rangers are in the red against the salary cap.

Mats Zuccarello said “he wants the New York Rangers to stay competitive” so he won’t “push” his salary to the maximum but “he finds it important he’s locked up to a long-term deal” Nettavisen
Of those three players it will be critical how much Mats Zuccarello gets on his next contract. It’s tough to speculate what his next contract may look like. He loves New York but when it comes to money every player is due their fair share. Especially when the team he played for won the Eastern Conference last year. Mats Zuccarello and Derick Brassard are imperative signings. They are young and they were both integral parts of the team that went three rounds in the East and on to the Stanley Cup Finals. Mats Zuccarello, Derick Brassard, and Chris Kreider all have arbitration rights so there shouldn’t be any kind of hold out like the one we all went through with Derek Stepan last summer. Update- New York Rangers sign Dan Boyle, Tanner Glass, and keep Dominic Moore



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  • Johnny Valz

    This article reads like it was written by a 14 year old. The rip job on Stralman is especially embarrassing.

    • BT Farley

      Sorry if the post wasn’t up to you’re standards but writing material is hard to come by this time of year. Management doesn’t want me to go too far into the advanced parts of the game itself and players advanced stats. If you like I could write a post that would make your head spin. I forgot more about the game than most NY fans know. If you’d like tell me one area of the game you know and that’ll be my next post. ie Forechecking systems, QoC, Zone Starts, or even regressed PDO. Do you know anything about PDO or where the Hit Zone, or Support Zone are on the ice? I could write a big boys post for you if you like. I was just trying to point out the identity change the Rangers have gone through since free agency opened. I was asked to write it so the average fan can understand it. I would like to bring more intricate stats and systems to the post. Is that what you’d like? I could even include a question for readers to answer. Begin a question of the day post and and the put the answer in the following post. Otherwise replies like are uncalled for. There’s also no way a 14 year old would know most of what was in that post.

      • Johnny

        A beautiful scathing reply! I give it a 9.0 , well done!

        • BT Farley

          I wasn’t trying to put him down or anyone for that matter but I probably forgotten more about the game of professional hockey than he knows or ever knew. It’s not easy coming up with material to write about this time of year. Sometimes it takes as much time to create a tittle as it does to draft up the beginnings of a post.
          There’s no reason to insult anyone. If you disagree about my views then you are encouraged to post them right here but don’t make me out to be incompetent or come down on my writing. I haven’t heard anything back so I take it as he doesn’t know anymore than the two teams that are skating back and forth chasing the puck. Most NY fans don’t know advanced stats or I’d write more about them. I have tried but I get more people reading without it. If you yourself have something you’d like to learn more about or want written about. Feel free to hit me up @BluelineBT and send me your ideas or questions. I’d be happy to explain or write a post about a specific subject of player. Thanks for the reply