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Can you hear that? It’s whispers of a New York Rangers trade. We know some possible targets for each position already. But, out of all the Rangers who’s the first you would trade?

New York Rangers
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New York Rangers

Cam Talbot – When Henrik Lundqvist was out, Talbot was in. And when Talbot was in, there might’ve been a moment or two when we actually forgot Lundqvist, admittedly; Talbot was just that good. The Ontario native recorded a .926 save percentage, making an astounding 1,038 saves and going 21-9-4 this season. Talbot was like a Prince proving he’s ready to take the King’s thrown. However, Lundqvist is undoubtedly here to stay. And while the lime light is on Talbot after his fantastic performance this year, there’s more and more reason for Talbot to find a starting spot somewhere else in the league.

Rick Nash  No matter what Nash brings in the regular season, the postseason always seems to knock him down. In the regular season, Nash finished third in the goals department out of everyone in the entire NHL. Then in the Playoffs, he tallied a disappointing five goals. Sure he did other things well, but when you expect a player to score goals and they can’t fulfill that role, it hurts the team.

Dan Boyle  He’s old for a hockey player, but his two-way play isn’t half bad. The 38-year-old recorded three goals and seven assists in the postseason for 10 points: half of what he bagged in the regular season. He stepped up his game when it really mattered, but he’s also been inconsistent as a defenseman. The Rangers need dependable players and trading Boyle for another defenseman could very well be the thing to do.

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Keith Yandle – There were high expectations for the defenseman and he pretty much delivered. He added a lot of depth to the blue line and picked up 11 points in the Playoffs. Yet the fact that he is new to the Rangers organization, has a lot of value, and with the tight salary cap situation, trading Yandle could be on the table. When Anthony Duclair was sent to the Arizona Coyotes for Yandle, it was a now or never deal. Of course that fell through for the Rangers – they didn’t win the Stanley Cup – but even if they did win it, the salary cap is going to force someone to go.

Henrik Lundqvist  Glen Sather might want to go out with a bang…just kidding, that’ll never happen…but this is Sather we’re talking about.

Notice none of the young guns are on this list – Alain Vigneault mentioned that he didn’t want to change the roster too much and that he was hopeful for next year because of the up and coming youngsters – presumably Jesper Fast, J.T. Miller and especially Kevin Hayes. They’ve shown a lot of heart and skill this season, but hopefully this is only the beginning of their career with the Rangers.

So out of all the Rangers, who do you think should be the first to be traded? Vote for one of the above mentioned in the poll or leave a comment below.

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