NYR What Went Wrong in Game 1 vs Florida

The New York Rangers CAME OUT FLAT in Game 1 and Lost 3-0…Ouch.  That was not how I drew it up in MY Gameplan.
Florida Panthers v New York Rangers - Game One
Florida Panthers v New York Rangers - Game One / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The New York Rangers are in it to win it.  Or are they?  Only HALF-WAY-THERE to their goal of winning the Stanley Cup, the Rangers laid an egg in Game #1 of the Eastern Conference Championship, against the Florida Panthers.  The New York Rangers were well-rested from their last series.  The Rangers were playing at home, meaning no travel.  The Blueshirts enjoyed Home Cooking and slept in their Own Beds.  NYR had a Hyped-Up, MSG Home Crowd…at FULL THROAT from the puck drop onward. 

So, What Happened?  Why?  What The….!

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Level 7 Intensity
The margin for error becomes smaller and smaller the deeper you go in the playoffs.  What is a nothing play in November, results in a goal in May.  Florida took advantage of many NYR errors, allowing them to control most of the game. FLA is at Level 7 Intensity. NYR is not.

Motivation is always a key ingredient in sports.  However, it is imperative that each teammate BRINGS IT, to each-and-every game in the NHL Playoffs, especially from here on out.  FLA BROUGHT IT.  NYR did not.

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Controlled Aggression
Florida played a perfect road game.  Nothing to flashy.  North and South play.  Perfect Puck Possession…Good Field Management.  Proper Puck Support.  The Panthers hit every Blueshirt in the way, which made them think about touching the puck…and it worked.  Florida had all Blueshirts hesitant when going after the puck, passing the puck, or skating with the puck. FLA played with Controlled Aggression. NYR did not.

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With Florida bringing MORE Intensity, Motivation, and Controlled Aggression to the game, of course the New York Rangers began turning over the puck… REGULARLY AND OFTEN.

NYR had poor passing in ALL ZONES….they were always just a little bit off.  This disrupts the overall flow and allows for more turnovers to occur in the wrong zone and with less coverage, (players turn up ice to go on offense, means they are not in D-coverage). 

NYR had some poor line changes.  Let’s just leave it at that. FLA controlled the puck. NYR gave up the puck.

Florida Panther Stars Were Better and Shone Brighter than the New York Ranger Stars
FLA Star #19 SHONE BRIGHTER than NYR Star #10.
FLA Stars on D SHONE BRIGHTER than NYR Stars on D.
FLA G-Man #72 SHONE BRIGHTER than NYR Star #31.

The Stars were brighter in Florida then they were in New York in Game #1.

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New York Rangers Record as of April 18.2024 - End of Regular Season
55-23-4 = 114
1st - in the Metropolitan Division
1st - in Eastern Conference
1st – Overall, in NHL


Florida Panthers Record as of April 18.2024 - End of Regular Season
52-24-6 = 110
1st - in the Atlantic Division
3rd- in Eastern Conference
4th – Tied-Overall, in NHL

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My View from the Cheap Seats    
Section: TV     Row: PVR     Seat: The Couch

Adjustments NYR MUST MAKE in Game #2.
NYR Must Bring Level 7 Intensity to their game.
NYR Must Bring More Physicality and Controlled Aggression to their game.
NYR Must Execute better in ALL ZONES and bring a more precise attention to detail.

Always remember, Playoff Hockey is a game of Puck-Possession and Patience, Overall Team D, Goal Scoring by Committee, Grade-A Tender, a High-Level of Intensity, and Controlled Aggression.

No Quit in New York.

Quote of the Day:
“I’d be pretty dumb if all of a sudden I started being something I’m not.”
Yogi Berra – New York Yankees   

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