Pen's Picks January 2024

Wanna Know Who I Think the New York Rangers will Beat in January 2024?
Carolina Hurricanes v New York Rangers
Carolina Hurricanes v New York Rangers / Rich Graessle/GettyImages

The New York Rangers opened their eyes on January 01.2024 and still found themselves in First Place,(in the Metro Division).  It’s been a great ride so far.  The Rangers, Kakko #24, is still on their Long-Term Injury List, as is Chytill #72.  All NYR Depth Chart Replacements are helping in any way they can, and Panarin #10 is leading the charge.  There are cracks showing, however no team is perfect.

I like to think I know enough about hockey that I can predict the winners and losers (just for fun only of course).  That said, this is what I call Pen’s Picks.  It’s where I look at the upcoming New York Rangers Schedule for the Month and predict the outcomes of all the games. 
Full disclosure, I have not seen some of these teams play this year…lol.  I am basing my picks on last years head-to-head record, lineup upgrades, injuries, and current record standings.

Jan 02. Vs Canes
The Canes come into the New Year with a chip on their shoulder.  They were predicted to challenge for the Cup, yet they have under-performed up until Christmas.  A Pre-Christmas Winning Streak means trouble for NYR.  They are gearing up and getting serious now folks.
NYR has had a great first half.  Period.
Pen’s Pick: Carolina

Jan 04. Vs Chicago
Chicago are, who we thought they were.  They are missing a few pieces , however the Bedard rebuild is under way.  He looks good and the Hawks look like they are in the running for another Top Draft Pick coming up. 
NYR will bounce back after the Canes game.  It’s back to reality boys…Game On.
Pen’s Pick: NYR

Jan 06. @ Montreal
The Blue, Blanc eh Rouge are playing better than I thought they would.  However, it is really tough to rebuild as a “tweener team,” (Not Good Enough to make the playoffs, yet Not Bad Enough to get a high draft pick).  9 Players under 6 Feet???
NYR should beat them.
Pen’s Pick: NYR

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Jan 08. Vs Canucks
Those “knuckleheads” are sure surprising many peeps at this point in time.  The appear to be a tough out each night.
NYR is the better team, I just think they will take them to lightly in this one.
Pen’s Pick: Canucks

Jan 11. @ St. Louis
St. Louis is tickling a playoff spot. They are not consistent and have lost to teams they should have beaten.
NYR needs to beat every team under them, from here on.
Pen’s Pick: NYR

Jan 13. @ Washington
The Capitals are the second oldest team in the NHL, next to the Penguins.  They have had injuries and Ovie is scoring at a slower pace.  The Caps are right in the thick of the Metro Division race.
NYR will want the W in this one.
Pen’s Pick: NYR

Jan 14. Vs Washington
It is really tough to beat a team twice in back-to-back games. Ovie is a true leader. 
NYR will come up short on this one.
Pen’s Pick: Caps

Jan 16. Vs Seattle
The Kraken have fallen back down to earth this year, with an 8-game losing streak in Nov-Dec.  They are sniffing a Wild-Card Spot with Edmonton.
NYR will be ready for this one.
Pen’s Pick: NYR

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Jan 18. @ Vegas
The Defending Champs have had injuries to key people, however all they do is Win-Win-Win.  That means this franchise has…Huge Team Depth.  They won with Big Boys and Depth on D.  Don’t believe me, look at some film. 
NYR will bring their A-Game to this one. A Litmus Test game for the Rangers.  I can’t wait. GM Drury, the model is already built, just follow it.
Pen’s Pick: Vegas

Jan 20. @ LA
The LA Kings are big and strong along the boards.  They are deep, tough up the middle, and they have good goaltending.  They play a calm n cool puck control game.  I think the LA Kings are right there on the doorstep of making some noise in this year’s upcoming playoffs. 
NYR is the Better team.  I look forward to watching this one.
Pen’s Pick: NYR

Jan 21. @ Ducks
The Ducks are thinking about a high draft pick, why would they want wins now?
NYR will want this one.  If you are the better team, ya gotta pick up those points when they are just hanging out there.  Quack, Quack…
Pen’s Pick: NYR

Jan 23. @ Sharks
The Sharks are ALSO thinking about a high draft pick, why do they want to win now?
NYR will pick up the Dub.
Pen’s Pick: NYR

Jan 26. Vs Vegas
Winners know How to Win. 
NYR will be tired after a long road trip out West.
Pen’s Pick: Vegas

Jan 27. @ Ottawa
I know they have had some injuries to key personal since the beginning of the season but firing the GM in November and firing the Coach in December, only brings more uncertainty into the Franchise. 
NYR have a tough time winning in Ottawa.
Pen’s Pick: Ottawa

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New York Rangers Record as of January 04.2024
25-10-1= 51pts   (Pen’s Picks ytd: 22-13)
1st - in the Metropolitan Division
2nd – Tied - in Eastern Conference
2nd – Tied - Overall in NHL

My View from the Cheap Seats
Section: TV Row: PVR Seat: The Couch
The hard part of Pen’s Picks, is trying to predict the outcome of theses games so far in advance. There is no doubt, that I would pick differently, had I known certain players were injured and were not in the Lineup prior to game time.

Pens Picks: January 2024 
8 Wins - 6 Losses

Pens Picks:
December 2023 ...8 Wins -6 Losses (Actual NYR Record 9-5)
November 2023 ...7 Wins-5 Losses (Actual NYR Record 9-3)
October 2023 ... 6 Wins-3 Losses (Actual NYR Record 7-2)

Quote of the Day:
“It infuriates me to be wrong when I know I’m right. “
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