3 Signs the New York Rangers are on the Path to Victory or Not

The New York Rangers wasted a good opportunity to set the tone in Game #1, here is why.
Florida Panthers v New York Rangers - Game One
Florida Panthers v New York Rangers - Game One / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The New York Rangers are already down 1- Zip in the Eastern Conference Finals.  The Florida Panthers handled NYR in game #1.  Ouch.  I was not there, and I did not skate on the ice, so I’m not sure if the condition of the ice had anything to do with the result.  If anything, the MSG Zamboni Driver shaved the ice so much, that it tilted towards the New York Rangers Net…!!! Yikes.

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The Rangers laid an egg in Game #1 pure and simple.  Just Own It Boys.  The New York Rangers were well-rested from their last series.  The Rangers were playing at home, meaning no travel.  The Blueshirts enjoyed Home Cooking and their Own Beds.  NYR had a Hyped-Up, MSG Home Crowd…at FULL THROAT from the puck drop onward.  It wasn't the Ice Maker or the Zamboni Driver who turned the puck over, because of Endless Panther Pressure...

The Bright Lights of Broadway were turned on…and the Blueshirts forgot their lines.

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Success is Built on these 3 Things Happening Together
Hard Work

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So, What Happened?  Why did the New York Rangers Lose Game #1 to Florida?


Yes, the New York Rangers have enough Talent to beat the Florida Panthers.  However, the FLA Stars Shone Brighter than the NYR Stars.

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Hard Work

For most of this season the answer is yes.  The New York Rangers have brought their Work Helmet, Lunch Bucket, and Rolled Up Their Sleaves, in order to get any job done.  However, the Boys from FLA Out-Worked, Out-Hustled, Out-Hit, and even, dare I say it…Out-Willed the Boys from NYR.

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In general, all teams need Puck-Luck on their side, in order to win.  The Lucky Bounce, the Chip-Out that actually gets to your Teammate who was in Full Stride, the Deflection that goes in, the Mixed-Up Line-Change that does not cost you, the Shot that goes through traffic, the Snipe that goes Bar Down instead of Bar Out.  NYR hit 2-Goalposts that could have changed the complexion of the game, had they both gone in.  However, the Hockey Gods felt that the Blueshirts did not deserve such good fate and rewarded FLA for their preparation, motivation and Gameplan.

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New York Rangers Record as of April 18.2024 - End of Regular Season
55-23-4 = 114
1st - in the Metropolitan Division
1st - in Eastern Conference
1st – Overall, in NHL


Florida Panthers Record as of April 18.2024 - End of Regular Season
52-24-6 = 110
1st - in the Atlantic Division
3rd- in Eastern Conference
4th – Tied-Overall, in NHL

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My View from the Cheap Seats    
Section: TV     Row: PVR     Seat: The Couch

Talent, Hard Work and Luck come into play for the overall Success for All People, All Businesses and yes…All Sports Teams.


What are you Most Talented in or at.  Yes, NYR have the talent, they just need to execute.

Are you Really Working as Hard as YOU Can on Your Craft. Each Day. Yes, in general NYR brings the effort, they simply need to Level up to #7, and they will be just fine.

Luck.  Yes, there is Luck in General.  However, there is also a thing called, “You Make Your Own Luck.”  Did you Study Enough or Train Enough to be Prepared when opportunity presents itself.  Did you force yourself to go to “That Event,” which allows you to “Potentially Meet that Person of Influence.”  Are you "In the Room or At the Table", where Luck has the opportunity to fall into your lap.  Are you putting yourself in a position to receive that Luck.  It’s time NYR made their own Luck.

Always remember, Playoff Hockey is a game of Puck-Possession and Patience, Overall Team D, Goal Scoring by Committee, Grade-A Tender, a High-Level of Intensity, Controlled Aggression, and Puck Luck.

No Quit New York.

Quote of the Day:
“The Best Luck of All, is the Luck You Make Yourself.”
Douglas MacArthur – Five Star General   

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